Pepperbellies – Knock Down Ginger

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Pepperbellies Knock Down Ginger

Pepperbellies Knock Down Ginger

Scooby here again with a new sauce from Nic at Peppbellies. Pepperbellies are a chilli based company based in Rickenhall in Suffolk. They do sauces, grinders and dips and much more. At Pepperbellies they pride themselves on natural flavours and create sauces in smaller batches so that you are guaranteed freshness and quality. And todays sauce is no exception, ‘Knock down ginger’

Good sized 150ml bottle with a classy homemade style label with company name, and product name as well as a picture of a ginger downing some water. Comical and effective. The label is a good size and does not effect the view of the sauce which is a dark golden orange colour reminiscent of a sunset. Seeds a plenty in this bottle and the sauce itself looks viscous yet smooth.

Ingredients: Chillis, Tomatoes, Onions, Ginger, Beetroot, Salt ,Cane Sugar, Lime Juice and White Wine Vinegar.

Fairly straight forward on the ingredients list, all natural goodies. Lets give it a quick nose. Immediately greeted by a warm smell of chillis with a hint of onion in the background. I was expecting to get a lot of tomato off this as the colour would suggest but no. The vinegar is non existent which is great as it can be the make or break of some sauces. Here comes the spoon.

Straight away I am met with a kick that holds onto the tongue with an awesome ginger taste which is complimented beautifully by the tomatoes and onion. There is a slight sweetness in the sauce which overpowers the possibility of a vinegar taste to be apparent. All of the ingredients blend brilliantly and make for an enjoyable tasting experience. I have tried this sauce with a teaspoon to get big impact of all of the ingredients. But the flavours still flood through even when I have a small amount of this sauce. I have now tried it as a marinade and as well as dunking a cheeky chippy into it and both of these ways get a thumbs up from me. I have not had a bad sauce from this company yet so keep up the good work.

This size bottle costs £4.95 and for a sauce that uses all natural fresh ingredients, is not overpriced. Why not grab a bottle and see for yourself. Give Nic a look on face, Pepperbellies Chilis or drop in a mail to to get a full product list and price breakdown.


Until next time guys, if it burns going in, It’ll burn coming out!

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