Mr Vikki’s Guy Fawkes Mustard

by Marty Greenwell on October 27, 2011 · 0 comments

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Mr Vikki's Guy Fawkes Super Hot English Mustard

Mr Vikki's Guy Fawkes Super Hot English Mustard

From Mr Vikki comes Guy Fawkes. No, not the old bones of the chap who decided he wasn’t really much of a fan of the prime minister, but an English mustard that’ll blow the back of your head off. This none chilli based product, which may seem like a contradiction for a chilli product based website to review, is still in the world of hot – it’s just that it gives a different kind of burn.

Guy Fawkes comes in a 110 gram jar for £3, putting it on level pegging in price for Mr Vikki’s slightly larger Piri Piri mustard. There’s a marked difference between the two though. The Piri Piri has a lot of seeds and is more of a whole grain mustard. Guy Fawkes is a true Britsh Bulldog, grab you by the balls, English Mustard.

The jar follows Mr Vikki’s standard bright yellow labelling, but is bereft of the usual chilli rating scale – you can’t really judge the heat levels in the same way as chilli sauces because the burn is different, but more on that in a moment. The jar gives a good view of the contents, which is a deep and bright yellow in colour. It’s smooth and paste style, free from bits and, well, mustard like.

Ingredients: Mustard, Water, Sugar, Salt, Lemon Juice and Spices

The ingredients are very simple, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the aromas released when the lid is removed is that of purely mustard. The pungent, distinctive and recognisable smell is pure and good – free from artificial flavours and preservatives (not that mustard really needs it at it lasts for ages out of the fridge), it has a hot nose to the product.

As mentioned, the burn for this mustard is different, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t blazing. Guy Fawkes is probably the hottest English mustard product I’ve ever tasted. The burn is instant, alighting the tongue wherever it touches. Considering there is no chilli component to it, the heat is most intense. Unlike chilli sauces, there is no build up; the burn you experience remains at the same high level but decays quite rapidly. It lasts no longer than a minute, perhaps less, but it’s a quick, concentrated and enjoyable experience. This is a mustard for those who like a more adventurous ham sarnie.

Mr Vikki’s Guy Fawkes is a product any chilli head should explore, if simply for the different type of heat. There’s enough in the jar to keep you going for a while and is easily usable as an alternative to the Coleman’s, so long as you want things that little bit (okay a lot) warmer. It might not be a chilli sauce, but it’s still excellent stuff.


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