Ballymaloe Jalapeno Pepper Relish

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Ballymalone Jalapeno Pepper Relish

Ballymalone Jalapeno Pepper Relish

I picked up a jar of this relish as we left Ireland (Eire) via Cork airport, I was surprised to see in the airport, it the last few trips we have not found any interesting products in our travels.

The Ballymaloe Country Relish business was started by Yasmin Hyde in the 1990, the company now produces a range of product including the one we are reviewing today.

Popping the lid and there is a rich smell of tomatoes, the relish is as you would hope, thick with the flesh of the ingredients.

The initial taste is from the tomatoes, they are sweet and full of flavour, then there is the acidity from the vinegar, and finally just mild warmth from the Jalapenos. Oddly this was not what I was expecting, it is very very tasty very moorish.

The amount of flavour flowing from this is exceptional, I like tomatoes and this gives me lots of fresh tomatoes, I am not sure I could call it “Jalapeno Pepper” Relish, may be Tomato and Jalapeno Relish and then only if they added a few more Jalapenos to the mix.

Ingredients: Tomatoes,  Red Peppers, Vinegar, Sugar, Jalapeno Peppers (5%), Garlic, Spices, Salt.

I think this tastes great, but lacks the headline flavour of Jalapenos, they are lost in all that great tasting tomatoes. I cannot give the high scores they deserve for the product, as the poor old Jalapeno has got a bit lost. If I was reviewing a Mildly Spicy Tomato Relish, this would be an easy 9/10 for flavour.

At £2.75 for an excellent tomato relish I would be very happy, put this on some fancy toast and you have got an excellent tapas style dish.

You can find out more about Ballymaloe Country Relish on their web site


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