Karimix Thai Shrimp Relish

by Martin 'Scooby' Arnold on October 22, 2011 · 0 comments

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Karimix Thai Shrimp Relish

Karimix Thai Shrimp Relish

Hi guys Scooby here with another review for you from the guys at Karimix. This time it is Thai shrimp relish. And I must say that the styling of this product is miles better than the previous review I have done on their Jalapeno apple sauce. The sauce was amazing but the packaging left a lot to be desired. This on the other hand is spectacular.

185g jar with a very tidy black and orange label on it. Thai warrior on the front for great impact with a brief description of the relish itself. This looks like a professional sauce that you would find in any high street shop which is great.

The relish itself looks very textured and oily.It has a very golden appearance to it and in places you can just make out a red which I presume is the shrimp blending into the background. There is also evidence of a few sneaky seeds floating about which I always find good in any chilli product.

Ingredients: Vinegar, Onions, Oil, Peanuts, Brown sugar, Tomato puree, Dried shrimp 3%, Salt, Chillies, Paprika, Ginger, Garlic, Shrimp paste 5%, Spices.

Jar kindly provided by www.karimix.com

Upon opening the jar I get a strong savoury smell, mainly peanuts and oil. Not getting anything else off it at all. Lets get the spoon out and give it a try.

Right this is very nutty, and as I thought very oily. The heat is as it states, mild and is perfect for the flavours. Lovely warm spice flavour there and the texture is superb. The more of this I eat the more the texture seduces me with the help of its wonderful nutty flavour. I am not getting much if anything of the shrimp. The onion in this relish is roughly chopped which is perfect as it makes each mouthful different and exciting. The jar suggests different ideas for the purpose of this relish: Dipping, Grilling, Marinating, Stir frying, topping. I would agree with all of these, but especially the dipping. I can imagine munching on a jar of this at Christmas with a packet of crackers so you can get the great flavour of this relish as it really should not be tainted by anything else.

Again with this company I cannot find a price so its best to contact them at www.karimix.com and ask them directly. Lovely and versatile relish.

Until next time guys, ENJOY!


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