Sinful Sauces Chilli Peanut Butter ‘Luscious spreads with a devilish kick’

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Sinful Sauces Chilli Peanut Butter

Sinful Sauces Chilli Peanut Butter

Sinful Sauces… what can I say about them that hasn’t been said before? Paul and Kelly have really worked hard to create some of the best sauces around today. For a relatively new company it is a laborious task, but looking at the pair of them at each chilli festival this year, they make it look so easy!

I had to wrestle my way to the Sinful Sauces stand at West Dean Chilli Fiesta where LaziLizzi and I had a throwdown as to who got to review certain products! This peanut butter comes in a standard 225ml jar with a black lid. Adorning the side, Sinful Sauces unique branding; their gothic styled ‘S’ logo on a simplistic and effective ‘does what it says on the tin’ black label. Personally I love their branding. It is classy, eye catching and unparalelled. I do not believe the images do it justice. On the jar labels there are lighter logos behind the text, almost watermarked. I think that Paul and Kelly hit the ground running with their branding and both in taste and design, rival some of the better known sauce makers.

Now, on with the tasting!

Looking into the jar, this rich peanut butter has a colour and look similar to a deep wholegrain mustard. The peanuts are finely ground with the occasional larger chunk of peanut hiding in wait. The smell is not like your usual peanut butter from the supermarket. It has a very deep wholesome aroma which comes from the addition of groundnut oil. The consistency is more fluid than your average peanut butter. If I turn it upside down it would eventually escape the jar (and into my mouth!)

Ingredients: Roasted Peanuts (96%), Sugar, Chilli, Groundnut Oil, Salt.

Jar kindly provided by Sinful Sauces

The texture is fine, very spreadable. I would say it sits between a crunchy peanut butter and a smooth peanut butter. It is initially silky on the tongue with a sweet sandy pleasant sensation, immediately with the sweetness and the roasted peanut flavour. The light salty taste really pulls the peanut flavour out from the sweetness. After the initial wave of peanutty goodness, the heat slowly builds. A gentle warming feeling from the back of the throat and around the sides of the mouth really sets this off from other peanut butters with chilli. This is a slow building, uninvasive heat. It gradually sets in as the flavour fades out, reminding you that it is a chilli related product.

Available from the Sinful Sauces website  for only £4.25 you get what you pay for, an amazing quality peanut butter like no other. Paul and Kelly suggest the good old fashioned ‘on toast or crumpets’ method of ingestion. I agree! I would also go for osmosis. I can also suggest adding a spoonful to any stirfry to make a lightly spiced satay meal. If you want to get into spicy foods and are not sure how, some of this in the morning will set you up for the day.


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