Spicymonkey – Satay Sauce!

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Spicymonkey Satay Sauce

Spicymonkey Satay Sauce

Here is, yet another brilliant product from www.spicymonkey.co.uk! If you haven’t tried their products your missing out! Read our other spicymonkey reviews and you’ll see what I mean! I first tried this product at West Dean Chilli Fiesta, and begged Hot Juan to let me review it! I think I may of eaten a large majority of the sample as well!

Spicymonkey’s satay sauce comes in a 190ml jar, that is nicely labelled and very attractive looking. It has both the name of the company and the name of the sauce boldly written on the front, with the chinese flag between them – after all, this sauce was based on a chinese one! The label also has a brief description of the product – “fragrant, mild but tingly”, an ingredients list, address and website, and a recipe suggestion – the consumers best friend!

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Pure Honey, Soy Beans, Peanuts, Salt, Sesame Oil, Peanut Oil, White Pepper, Lactic Acid and Amino Nitrogen Acid.

Jar kindly provided by Spicymonkey

When I cracked open the jar I did what I would do with any new sauce, and gave it a good sniffing! I was hit by the strong scent of sesame and peanut oil, and of course the peanuts! It smelt fantastic and really invited me to dig in! So I did! Instantly i was hit by the rich flavour of the tomatoes, and is this faded the peanut flavour kicked in, with a peppery heat at the back of my mouth. This sauce isn’t very hot, but is very rich in flavour and suitable for the whole family! It was just as good as I remember it being at West Dean!

That evening we happened to be having chicken stir-fry for dinner, and while my family used sweet chilli and other such sauces i was heaping on the satay sauce – I’m sure my family would of been to if i hadn’t forbidden them from consuming my new sauce! It was delicious!

This sauce could be used for a fairly wide range of things! I used it in stir-fry as a sauce afterwards. The recipe suggestion on the jar suggests adding it to cooked chicken along with spring onion and snap peas before serving it on a bed of rice or noodles. But you could also use it for dipping breads and raw vegetables in, or in a sandwich to give that extra boost of flavour! You could even use it as a marinade if you wanted to!

A jar of Satay Sauce costs £3.65 and can be bought from Spicymonkey (www.spicymonkey.co.uk). This is good value for a jar of sauce with so many uses! My only advice is to make sure you buy enough, because its incredibly more-ish and may not last as long as you hoped – unless, like me, you make its consumption banned for everyone but you!


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