Karimix Jalapeno Apple Sauce

by Martin 'Scooby' Arnold on October 17, 2011 · 0 comments

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Karimix Jalapeno Apple Sauce

Karimix Jalapeno Apple Sauce

Jalapeno apple sauce? Sounds just like my kinda thing. So today my friends I bring to you my review of Jalapeno apple sauce by Karimix. These guys have been making pastes, sauces and relishes in the UK since the 1980’s and are based in Wye, Kent. Or you can hit them up at www.karimix.com and check out their range of products for yourself.

On first appearance the bottle is nothing fancy, just a standard styled bottle as you can see from the picture. 200g with a fairly plain label with the Karimix logo stamped into the middle of it. Product name, ingredients and address with no fancy gimmick or sales talk.

The sauce itself looks fairly dull in colour. Very murky even when held up to the light and if I was to be completely honest, does not look overly appealing to the eye. But as they say, you can never judge a book by its cover so lets take a sniff. Ok, this smells a damn site better than it looks. I am getting a very peppery smell mixed with a light acidity from the vinegar. There is a mild note of Jalapeno in the mix and all together gives the feeling of a nice warming sauce which is very welcoming.

Ingredients: Peppers, Apples 19.5%, Water, Jalapeno chillies 10.5%, vinegar, sugar, salt, ginger, fruit juice, spices.

Bottle Kindly Provided by Karimix

So another fairly simple sauce, lets get out the trusty old tasting spoon. Immediately there is heat with this, heat and a lovely strong jalapeno flavour. It is only after several seconds that the Jalapeno flavour eases off so that a slight apple flavour can be tasted. The heat is still hanging on and has done for about 5 minutes now and as it eases there is an amazing array of spices present. Maybe some clove present and maybe a touch of star anise. The texture is smooth with only a small amount of pulp inside. I guess I was expecting the more traditional apple sauce with has apple chunks, but not this and that is definitely not a bad thing. The aftertaste has left me feeling warm in body now and not just my mouth. This is a very pleasurable sauce which I feel would go great as a replacement for a certain ‘brown’ sauce. Strange now but this is the second sauce that I have said could replace this ‘brown’ sauce.

I am not 100% sure of the price of this sauce but one thing I do know is that the bottle I have is a touch on the small side. If this was in a larger bottle then brilliant, I could pour all day long.


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