The Chilli Pepper Company’s 5 Minute Burn Review

by Marty Greenwell on October 16, 2011 · 0 comments

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The Chilli Pepper Company - 5 Minute Burn

The Chilli Pepper Company - 5 Minute Burn

From The Chilli Pepper Company in Cumbria comes this Naga based hot sauce, the 5 Minute Burn. This one forms part of a series of similarly named products, and has been created with the same mixture of ingredients, however, this version comes without the metallic extract portion and so its moniker shows it’s a little less painful to consume than its bigger brothers. 5 Minute Burn is still “Another Bottle Of Pure Pain”, at least the label would have us believe and it follows the others in the series with the plain white background and red haunting skulls, warning you that this one has a little bit of heat to it.

The sauce is a reddish/brown combination, is relatively seed free and comes in a 140ml bottle at a solidly priced £4. It pours easily from the bottle, though isn’t so thin that you’re going to be slopping the stuff all over the place. The aromas that exude from the bottle are mostly powered by the distinctive pungent Naga chilli, not quite as heady as some Naga sauces, but you definitely get the impression that it’s packing some heat. The chilli smells are joined by the lighter and sweeter pineapple tones, perhaps to reassure the taster that there is some flavour here as well as burn.

Ingredients: Fresh Naga Bhut Jolokia, pineapple juice, vinegar, lemon juice, tomatoes, mango, molasses, celery, herbs and spices.

Bottle kindly provided by The Chilli Pepper Company

Despite the wayward mix of different flavours, on the first tasting it’s difficult to pick out much more that the tomatoes in the brew, with a touch of sweetness behind it. The pineapple nose doesn’t materialise on the tongue with any distinction and it doesn’t take very long before the Naga heat kicks in. The fruitiness of anything that was there soon evaporates as the chilli hits the gums, lips, tongue and cheeks and as it slides down the oesophagus, the hot sauce warms the back of the throat. 5 Minute Burn does its best to smack your bum, but it’s not an overpowering experience – you still know it’s Naga based mind and the heat level builds for a while before levelling off, but it is manageable – it’ll certain add a punch to a stir fry dish.

5 Minute Burn is a nice addition to The Chilli Pepper Company’s range; although the flavours disappear quite rapidly with the heat of the Nagas, there’s still enough of it there to keep you distracted as the burn tailors off. For those who wanted to try this series of sauces without the extract, now’s your chance.


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