Video Review of Flamin Galah! from Project Spice

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Project Spice - Flamin-Galah!

Project Spice - Flamin-Galah!

Brrrrr The nights are fair drawing in my chilli padawanz, and with the autumn upon us, the evenings are gonna start to get very cold, so its a wise idea to stock up on your favourite chilli products now, so you can keep warm when the harsh winter sets in!!

Anyway, enough of that doom and gloom bollocks, i’m here today to show you a lovely video review i did about a sauce from a company known simply as “Project Spice” The company is run by Dave and John Tidmarsh, with Dave being the main player. From what I have come to learn about Dave he is a talented chef and very much a spice connoisseur, writing his own recipes and of course, making wonderful sauces from the recipe ideas that come into his head! The sauce I have for review today has undergone a couple of revisions but finally Dave is happy with it, and under that premise he came to me with a bottle and said “Darth, its ready for review!” so with that in mind I took the bottle and began my journey.

Ingredients: Roasted Peppers, Bhut Jolokia Chilli, Onion, Cider Vinegar, Lime, Water, Garlic, Ginger, Sugar, Spices, Oil & Salt.

Review bottle kindly supplied by

As you can see from the ingredients list there are a myriad of flavours within “Flamin Galah!”…which I must say at this stage is a bloody random name, and to explain it a little, Dave once told me he called this sauce after a line from home and away, a “Galah” is a species of cockatoo native to Australia, and funnily enough, like this sauce the bird itself is a lovely deep red on its chest! In amongst the red thickness of it all are seeds suspended in the sauce, upon opening it and giving it the nasal once over, I can immediately smell both the red peppers and the lime, with a slight undertone of unmistakeable jolokia frangrance.

Watch the following video to give yourselves an idea of just how hot this sauce is, take note that my latest padawan: Dave “Thecafmankilla” Ayres is a complete and utter novice when it comes to chilli..the man thinks a bloody tikka masala is hot, so you can only imagine how this one hits him, fortunately I broke him in gently using an all natural sauce…

As you just saw, this sauce is one that can certainly hold it own in a well established all natural market! Suffice to say its definitely one of the hottest all natural sauce is have tried, and beleive me i have tried a few! In the video i mentioned that the sauce costs about £5-£6 from, upon closer inspection it is painfully apparent that i have been talking bollocks as this sauce is a measly FOUR QUID!! yes thats right £4!!! I thought that £6 was a decent price but this is a STEAL at £4 a bottle, so grab some now before it inevitably sells out!!

Until next time my chilli padawanz, wrap up warm and if you can’t do that then eat something nice and spicy!! May the sauce be with you, always!!


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