Jules & Sharpie – Hot Mint Jelly

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Jules & Sharpie Hot Mint Jelly has been a firm favourite here at ChileFoundry HQ ever since we came home with a few jars from the West Dean Chilli Fiesta six or seven years ago. I think we have had a jar in the fridge ever since (Not the same jar!!).

Jules & Sharpie Hot Mint Jelly

Jules & Sharpie Hot Mint Jelly

It is not the hottest or the most intense mint flavour of the chilli jellies we have tasted, but the balance has always seemed about right.

On cracking open a fresh jar, there is a very pleasant waft of mint, while very high in sugar, it does not taste overly sweet, we use this when we have roast lamb, and the you don’t want a mint jelly that hides the flavours of the lamb, and  as I think I may have hinted, this one just does it for me. Its is minty, warm with a great texture from the real pieces of mint leaf and chilli suspended in the slightly sharp jelly.

Ingredients: Sugar, Cider Vinegar, Mint (4.6%), Gelling Agent: Citrus Pectin, Chillies (1.7%), Lemon Juice.

Since I picked up my last jar of Jules & Sharpie Hot Mint Jelly the company has been acquired by well know jam maker Thursday Cottage who themselves are part of the growing Wilkin & Sons group.

At £3.99 for a 220g jar, it is a little more than you can pick up a jar of mint sauces from a supermarket, we have seen jars as low as 25p for a 165g in Tesco’s, but there is no real comparison to a product that uses reconstituted mint (whatever that means) and contains that well know ingredient ‘Flavouring’, don’t waste you hard-earned cash, buy the best product, this time it is more that worth it.


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