Darth Naga and Chilli Talent video review of Satans Revenge

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Hot Headz - Satan's Revenge

Hot Headz - Satan's Revenge

Good day my chilli padawanz!! I assume you are hungry for more video review goodness? Well i should bloody hope so otherwise this review is going to be a bit boring!!

The review today is of a lovely sauce that comes from the rather well known “Hot Headz“, a company run by Stu Mcallister and his crew of crazy chilli people!

I would give you all an intro to the company and tell you more about them but tbh we have featured them enough on here for everyone to know who they are and the products they sell, so without further adieu lets get on with this review!!

Ingredients: Crushed Naga Jolokia Chillies (75%), water, salt, scetic acid, garlic pulp, xanthan gum (natural stabiliser).

Review bottle supplied by www.hot-headz.com

Soooooo in my hands I held a bottle that was so red you’d swear the stuff inside was blood, myself and Chilli talent were a little apprehensive of this one as I had tried a prototype sample..but this was WAYYYYYY more evil than that!! The bottle itself sports a very menacing cgi devil, along with the title of the sauce and the lovely hot-headz! branding as well, the sauce inside is quite thick but pours very well and has a lovely smooth consistency, no seeds that I could tell anyway.

I could go into more detail but i’m a firm believer that actions speak louder than words, so check the video out and meet me back here in a bit 🙂

WHOOOOMP THERE IT IS!!! As you just saw in the video, this has such an amazing flavour to it that for a second we were lulled into thinking it may not be hot, but then of course, the devil himself punched us both in the throat and made us realise what fools we had been, the heat as you can see was incredible.. I was actually tempted to have another tablespoon just for the flavour, but then common sense kicked in and reminded me of the agony I had gone through, so I backed off.

This is possibly only the second review where something has been hot enough to make me throw it back up during the review…in all honesty I did’nt think it would happen again…but SURPRISE! it took Hot-Headz! to show me that I should never say never!! Chilli talents opinion was similar to my own:

Chilli Talent: “you get just as much heat from it without the extract taste, it holds both flavour and heat for a good period of time and I had no cramp from this one, great looking sauce, thick and deep bloody red, ideal for both cooking because of the thick garlic taste and on its own for a good kick from the red man himself wearing his special edition back door shoes 🙂

So there you have it chileheadz, a sauce fit for Beelzebub himself and worthy of the name, you can pick this up for a measly £4.99 a bottle over at www.hot-headz.com and put in the comments box that I sent you..Stu will have a good laugh at that!!

Until next time my chilli padawanz, may the sauce be with you…always!!


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