Cambridge Chilli Farm Habanero Gold Jam

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Ok, so asking people if they wanted to try some chilli jam, the response I got was “chilli jam???” along with a look on their face like a dog that has just been shown a card trick. They could not understand how the two would work, well it’s easy, its pure bliss in a jar, well when it’s done right and guess what folks…Habanero Gold is the sexiest jam I have had the pleasure of tasting yet.

Cambridge Chilli Farm - Habanero Gold Jam

Cambridge Chilli Farm - Habanero Gold Jam

Ingredients: Sugar, Apricots, Red Onions, Cider Vinegar, Apple Pectin, Red Pepper, Habanero chillies.

Jar kindly provided by Cambridge Chilli Farm

This deep orange jam comes in a healthy sized 220g jar, once opened its straight under the nose…hhhmmm, strong vinegar and Habanero smell instantly fill the nostrils, the consistency is like a normal jam, it looks very easy to spread, the label tells you that it will go great with bacon, all cheeses and ham.

Well, not today my friends, it’s going on some toast first of all….have I ruined my first tasting of this delicious looking jam ?… I will be honest and the answer simply is no and here is why.

It spreads perfectly, not lumpy at all, very smooth and the salt from the butter just mixes so well with the sweetness of the apricots, which is a big hit with the taste buds, oohhh there is a party going on in there, another bite…..more of the vinegar and the bite of the peppers, slight after taste of the red onions, I don’t want to finish this slice too quickly, oh, too late its gone.

The heat is only slight, a lovely tingle that is not uncomfortable in any way, my friends four year old boy had some along with his three year old brother, the four year old loved it, he smiled like a Cheshire cat, the brothers response was “mummy it’s too hot” but he still finished his food because of the sweetness it was a hit with them.

This was when we put it on some bacon sandwiches , the Cambridge Chilli Farm were spot on with this recommendation , there was silence in the room as we all tucked in, we could not get enough of it.

So please people, use your loaf, get onto and get some, its great tasting for friends and family and they will be telling their friends about this amazing jam.

Thanks for reading sauce fans.

Chilli Talent.


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