Scovilla’s Dragonfire – End Of Time – Video Review

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Scovilla's Dragonfire - End Of Time

Scovilla's Dragonfire - End Of Time

Good day my chilli padawanz!! Today I bring you a cracking video review that was undertaken by myself and the venerable Chilli Talent after a hard weekend at West Dean Chilli Fiesta 2011, CT decided it would be a good idea to do a chilli review after such a cracking weekend, sort of a big sendoff for the large Welshman who was going home with tales of fire and spice, so who was I to turn that down?

Scovilla is a relatively little known company over here in the UK, given that they are based in Germany that comes as no big surprise, lol! Scovilla have been around for a couple of years now and they are Germany’s number one hotsauce reseller, but the also do their own range of hotsauces too, and thats what we’ll be reviewing one of today!

Ingredients: Habanero peppers, naga peppers, water, onions, capsicum extract, vegetable oil, salt, tomato paste, cocoa powder, passion fruit, acetic acid, cane vinegar, garlic powder, citric acid, xanthan gum, passion fruit essence.

(Review sample kindly supplied by The Cheeky Chile Company &

Even from the bottle alone you can tell this sauce is gonna hurt..the label is a VERY busy one, with both english and german present, theres lots of warnings about the sauce being extremely hot, right down to the “blast power” scale (which hits a 4 out of 4 for this sauce btw) and the little flying saucer that says “too hot, we’re off”. The high quality printed label also feature a dragon with flames coming from its mouth and its eyes lit up..i can only imagine that this happened after drinking the sauce inside!

I could say a few more words about the bottle and such but i’ll let you guys see for yourselves…

I knew it was gonna be hot..but even then it STILL took me by surprise! and CT was taken aback a bit too as you could see in the video he described the sauce as “a saturday night punch-up, in your mouth” and i don’t think i could put it any better than that, CT did drop me an email with a few words about the sauce too:

Chilli Talent: “apart from the initial quick blast of chocolate taste, its heat all the way, unless you are a dumb ass then the sauce should be used in cooking, not for enjoyment, only someone with the insides of a cement mixer would enjoy this!”

So there you have it, this stuff is for serious heat seekers ONLY so bear that in mind when considering a purchase..of course they have other “Dragonfire” sauces with less heat too!

This particular sauce comes in 2 sizes, the 2oz bottle that was featured in the review is a mere €4.90 (£4.31) or you can get a full size 150ml industry standard bottle for €9.90 (£8.71) so as you can see, for a sauce that should really be only one drop at a time to food, this is a pretty good price.. I can only imagine that this must be perfect for making a chilli due to the chocolate contained in it!!

Well, that concludes this until next time my chilli padawanz, may the sauce be with you…always!!


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