Arturo’s Kauai Hot Sauce Review

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Arturo's Kauai Hot Sauce

Arturo's Kauai Hot Sauce

Arturo’s Hot Flavours Of Hawaii was started up in 1981 by two people; Arturo Montoya and his partner Carole Richelieu, who, after leaving Mexico and heading to Hawaii, missed their family recipes so much “…took matters into their own hands and began creating authentic Mexican foods…” on the island. In 1995 a friend Steve Geimer joined and the sauces were made.

This very bright, very playful design on the bottle is an instant attention grabber. Purples, yellows and greens all vibrantly laid out like a beautiful Hawaiian sunset, really drawing you into the whole setting of this sauce. It measures 148ml/5 FL OZ

The Sauce inside the bottle seems relatively thin, like a light syrup with a similar consistency and transparancy. There are very small bits of pulp and the occasional seed. It has a deep orange hue with a slight red tinge to it.

Ingredients: Sugar, Guava Jam (Sugar, Guava Puree, Pectin, Citric Acid, Water, Rice Vinegar, Vinegar, Habanero Chiles, Lilikoi (Passion Fruit), Salt, Ginger Concentrate (Organic Compliant) And Lemongrass Concentrate (Organic Compliant).

Bottle kindley provided by Hot-Headz

The ingredients suggest that it should be really sweet, yet the first smell is vinegar. Not surprising, considering there is rice vinegar, generic vinegar and citric acid inside. That pungency really burns the nostrils and I’m struggling to find any other scent.

This sauce is smooth with few bits, and a syrupy feel. First taste is sweet ginger. There is a little tangyness in the aftertaste which would be the passionfruit flavour. The heat is a slow builder and upon tasting this sauce, for a few seconds after swallowing, you wouldn’t think there was any heat. It gradually warms all round the mouth with a nice glow.

Sweet sauces generally tend to lend themselves nicely to salads. I feel this can be used sparingly as a dressing for a good old fashioned summer salad, a glaze for chicken to get a sweet barbeque/honey style flavour with a little heat, as a sweet and sour sauce for a stir fry as the vinegar would work really well, possible a dip as well.

The Kauai Hot Sauce really has me in two minds… On one hand the sweetness and ginger flavour are great winners, but on the other, the really strong vinegar smell puts me off. If you like sweet sauces, this one will be a great addition for you.

Arturo’s Kauai Hot Sauce can be purchased from for a great price of £3.99. For all those sweet sauce lovers who like a mild warming sauce, its not to be missed.


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