The Cambridge Chilli Farm’s Naga Napalm Onion Relish – light on fire, heavy on awesome

by Patrick Garratt on August 30, 2011 · 0 comments

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Cambridge Chilli Farm - Naga Napalm Onion Relish

Cambridge Chilli Farm - Naga Napalm Onion Relish

This is unfortunately named: it’s a delicious, expertly made sweet onion relish with a building background heat supplied by a low level of Naga Morich. Given the moniker and packaging I was expecting the sweats, but instead got an eyebrow-raising accompaniment to cold suppers. In one sitting, we demolished half a jar with brie, bread and salad with two chilli novice friends (who, incidentally, were wary thanks to the skull and crossbones on the label, until I tried it and told them it wasn’t as immediately hot as the fresh cayennes we’d been munching a few minutes earlier).

Ingredients: Red Onions, Brown Sugar, Red Wine Vinegar, Naga Morich, Black Pepper.

It’s moreish, and perfect with ham, cheese and tomatoes. It smells sweet and strongly of onions in the jar. The molten red onion and sugar coat the mouth before the morich starts as a hint and builds to an all-over buzz as you inevitably spoon out more. It’s dark and sticky. Most importantly, the heat is fantastically well judged, and a it made great addition to our evening; I just can’t help wishing the macho branding had been pulled back a little to let the flavour speak for itself.

It’s not the cheapest at £3.20, but based on the general experience and it’s usability as a sharing pot I can’t recommend this enough. I’ll be keeping a jar in my cupboard from now on. Get it here.

Value (7/10)

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