Sinful Sauces – Chilli Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

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Sinful Sauces - Chilli Choc Hazelnut

Sinful Sauces - Chilli Choc Hazelnut

When I recently went to the West Dean Chilli Fiesta, I tried many different sauces, spreads and other chilli products. Out of the thousands of sauces that were there, this was one of the few that really stood out as a unique and incredible product.

The first thing I noticed about this spread was the jar it came in. The logo for Sinful Sauces is proudly presented on the front of the jar. The labelling is clearly presented, with a simple but sophisticated lay out. All in all this product has a stunning look about it.

The description given on the jar is “chilli, chocolate & hazelnut – the perfect combination! We select the best Hazelnuts & Cocoa powder before adding a little heat. Lovers of chilli & chocoholics unit! We’re leaving the serving suggestion off this one, so go grab a spoon & eat it straight from the jar!”

When cracking open the jar, the first thing I smell is hazelnuts and chocolate, which isn’t surprising, as the first two ingredients on the label are roasted hazelnuts (83%) and cocoa powder! The other ingredients included are sugar, groundnut oil, chilli and salt.

Following the instructions on the jar, I got a teaspoon out and ate my first bit straight from the jar! The flavour of chocolate and hazelnuts hit all areas of my mouth, it was the followed my a gradually increasing warmth that started at the very tip of my tongue and worked it’s way back towards the rear of my mouth! Whilst this spread was warming, it wasn’t too hot, and you could taste the chilli flavour.

This spread is so good, I am hooked on it! Super for dipping marshmallows in, having in a sandwich as a sneaky snack, or dipping strawberries in as a delicious treat! It is also fantastic simply straight out of the jar! A few things I have used it for include putting on top of ice cream, and putting into cake pops!

The jar costs £4.25, contains 225ml and can be purchased from the Sinful Sauces website. I think this is reasonable value as it can be used in so many ways and is delicious, however it is a small jar and will get used very quickly!


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