The Great Dorset Chilli Festival – Chilli Products Tasting Competition

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Voting at the Great Dorset Chilli FestivalAt The Great Dorset Chilli Festival they held a competition that everyone could take part in, in one of the marques was a selection of sauces in pots  you could taste and then vote for using a coloured bead.

Disposable wooden sticks where provided to taste each sauce and of you found one you liked you could vote for it with a bead.

On the Saturday 13th the it was the Sauce Competition and the winners where as follows:-

And on the Sunday 14th it was the Condiments Competition with the following winners:-

  • Jam – ‘Chilli Pepper Jam’ by Karimix
  • Chutney – ‘Sri Lankan Tomato Chutney’ by Karimix

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