20th August 2011 – Chili Cook-off – The Chilli Farm Mendlesham

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The Chilli Farm

The Chilli Farm

Could your Chili recipe win you £100

There is a chili cook-off competition at The Chilli Farm Mendlesham on the 20th August where you can test your recipe.

The winners will be chosen with the combined votes of our team of Judges and everyone who comes to the chili cook-off. Each person visiting the cook-off can complete a ballot to vote on their favourite chili for the People’s Choice Award.

Contestants can setup their cooking from 9:00AM and cooking starts at 10:00AM and continues through untill 2:00PM.

With all cooking competitions, bear in mind that the judges will only have about a spoonful of any entry recipe– they have lots of other chili to sample, so make sure that “one bite” of your chili has everything you want it to.

Good or great chili is not about “gratuitous heat”. It’s about layers of flavour – different kinds of dried and fresh chillies; subtle additions like chocolate, fruit puree etc…


In this competition the chili will be blind judged (no one knows the identity of the cook) and scorecards will be based on the following six characteristics:

  1. Texture: The texture of the meat or vegetables shall not be tough or mushy
  2. Flavour: The chili should have good flavouring and chilli pepper taste (not too hot or not too mild)
  3. Consistency: Chili should be a smooth combination of meat or vegetables and gravy – not too thin or too thick
  4. Spice and taste: Blending of the spices and how well they have permeated the meat or vegetables
  5. Aroma: This will be a personal preference of the judge
  6. Colour: The submitted chili should look appetizing
  7. There will be a People’s Choice ballot box for people to score the chili. Score cards will be collected at the end of the judging, tallied and that score added to the final result.

The self styled masters of the chilli pepper will compete to be crowned the Chili Cook-off champion of 2011!!

Download a copy of the rules and your application here.

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