2011 Official Great Dorset Chilli Festival – Festival Sauce

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Festival Sauce 2011

Festival Sauce 2011

This sauces comes from very accomplished sauces makers The Upton Cheyney Chilli Company and has been specially made and bottled for  The Great Dorset Chilli Festival.

The sauce is very dark red in colour, and on opening there is a wonderful smell from the roasted garlic, ginger and red wine vinegar, with in the sauce there is a number of chilli seeds floating around.

This is a sweet sauce which does a great job of hiding the sometimes bitter taste of the Dorset Naga, using red wine vinegar and roasted garlic is an absolute touch of genius. I love roasted garlic and have used it in a number of products over the years, roasting makes the normally pungent sometimes harsh flavour of garlic far more delicate and refined.

Ingredients: Red Wine Vinegar, Sugar, Roasted Garlic, Dorset Naga Chilli & Ginger.

Bottle kindly provided by The Great Dorset Chilli Festival

The Dorset Naga is a super hot chilli and at around a million Scovile Heat Units (SHU), it can mean you are in for an intense heat experience, but in this case the heat has been tempered  and not one of the major ingredients, but provides a nice warmth.

This will be a definite collectors item, number will be limited, we expect this will be available at the event only.. so don’t miss getting a bottle and head down to the event this weekend.

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