Project Spice – Habanero Hornet – a sauce with a sting in the tail

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Unfortunately our bottle got shaken before we got to photograph it, so please imagine that that yellow Habanero sauce has been poured over some chilli flakes that have been originally deposited at the bottom of the bottle, the effect was stunning, but it seemed impossible not to shake by anyone who saw it.

Project Spice - Habanero Hornet

Project Spice - Habanero Hornet

Having the dried chillies at the bottom of the bottle (if you don’t shake it) has the effect of making the sauce hotter and hotter the more you use it, this being the sting in the tail mentioned on the label and this sauce defiantly has the sting of the wasp about it (More about that later), it is not at the extreme extract heat level, but it is enough  to make most grown men….

On opening the bottle the sauce smells fruity with a strong hint of Lemons and Habaneros, the sauce is a great yellow colour from the peppers, Saffron and Turmeric, with a nice thick consistency.

First taste is a bit of a WwwooowwW moment, as it does not smell like it would be that hot. It starts my lips tingling almost straight away,an effect I tend to get from sauces with Lemon in them. After the  first burst of heat my mouth starts to acclimatize things start to cool down a bit and the flavours start to come through. I really love the light touch of White Wine Vinegar, its it there but not overwhelming,  and it works well with the lemon giving it a clean finish with no unpleasant after tastes.

Ingredients: Roasted Peppers, Habanero Chilli, Chipotles de Naga, Dried Chilli, Onion, White Wine Vinegar, Lemon, Saffron, Turmeric, Garlic, Ginger, Sugar & Salt.

Bottle kindly supplied by

This sauce would go so well with some BBQ roast chicken, I’m kind of reminded of Nando’s sauce, but with a much better hit of heat, a kind of Nando’s extra extra extra EXTRA hot.. what about buying a bottle and taking it with you? Maybe we can get Nando’s to adopt this as a special! I will be taking mine and letting them try it

At £3.95 for a 125ml bottle this sauce is a one you should have on your list of must try sauces, but put a big label on it don’t shake me so you can see the unique arty look and try an ever increasing heat.


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