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Lily’s Chillies are a relatively new family run company who are adding to the ever expanding Chilli product market, they are based in Sussex, and named after their daughter Lily, with a range of six different flavoured handmade Chilli Jellies and subsequent heat levels.

Lily's Chillies - Lime & Ginger Chilli Jelly

Lily's Chillies - Lime & Ginger Chilli Jelly

This Lime & Ginger Chilli Jelly was their first main Jelly to go into large scale production and won them the “Amateur Best Taste Award” at the Hove Chilli Festival in April 2010. Although In my opinion there is nothing amateur about this product.

The appearance of the jar is appealling, labelling is simple and easy on the eye and the view through the glass reveals an orange translucent hue of the perfectly set Jelly within, which also contains a good number of visible pieces of lime peel and the all-important Birds Eye Chilli’s in some sort of suspended animation!

Upon opening the jar I instantly detect the aroma of lime, which has an instant effect on my taste buds, readying themselves for the Chilli kick to come.

Tasting the Jelly gives me an instant hit of the Birds Eye Chilli, very quickly followed by the vibrant lime, and then the Ginger appears. The balance seems just right, especially as I’m not a great fan of Ginger as a main flavour but it complements and supports the other two stronger flavours well, rather than taking over. This combination gives the Jelly a great Oriental feel to it. The base for the Jelly is apple and you can also taste this consistently throughout.

Ingredients: Lord Derby Apples, Sugar, Limes, Ginger, Bird’s Eye Chilli’s

Supplied by Lily’s Chilli’s

Another important point to mention, is that Lily’s Chillies Jellies, unlike a lot of other Chilli Jellies available, do not use vinegars in any of their Jellies, they find using a fruit base gives better results and I would agree. The lack of vinegar removes the harshness which can be present in this type of product.
From a heat point of view, the makers rate this Jelly on the jar using their own scale, two out of three for heat, and I would agree, this is not designed to be a blow your head off product, don’t get me wrong, the initial Chilli hit is stronger than I was expecting but is enough to not overpower the other flavours and leaves my taste buds intact!

The maker’s tag line is “Handmade in Sussex” and I feel that Provenance and sourcing of local ingredients is important to Lily’s Chilli’s. For example the Apples used here, a Heritage variety called Lord Derby, are grown some six miles from the company’s base. The Chillies are sourced from UK growers, one of which is only thirteen miles away.

For £4 you get 220g jar of an award winning, versatile Chilli Jelly which I cannot wait to try with roasted meats on Sunday or maybe as an alternative glaze for a Christmas gammon?, not forgetting the possibility of complimenting a chocolate dessert.


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