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Two unusual things here for me, a condiment that contains Strawberries, we have seen a lot of Chilli Strawberry jams this year, but this is not trying to be a jam, the other unusual thing is that this comes from Scotland and we have had very few Chilli products from Scotland (not forgetting Papa Djabs)



This Chilli condiment is make by Susan McCann  who luckily for us was made redundant last year from a career in banking. Since then she has been very successfully marketing her range of Chilli products under the brand name JUSTaddCHILLI.

We have the Wild version to taste today. On cracking open the lid, there is just a for an instant a hint of the strawberries which is soon replaced with the chillis, onion and garlic. The sauce is a vivid bright red colour (without the need for any E numbers or colourings) there are lots of seeds mixed in finely chopped chilli and onions, this is not a pouring sauce, but a definite condiment to be spooned.

The first taste starts with a very fresh strawberry flavour which then makes way for the onion and garlic and finally the chilli, it has a really good fresh crunchy texture that is almost irresistible, just one more spoonful, well maybe another. This would make a great base for a salsa, if I have any left.

Ingredients: Chilli, Onion, Garlic, Vinegar, Lemon Juice (Freshly Squeezed), Sugar, Fresh Strawberries.

Jar kindly provided by JUSTaddCHILLI

“It is not often that I find a product like this that tastes so much like it has just been freshly make”.

On Susan’s web site she  has a number of interesting recipes/usage ideas all of which sound great, but I must try the bite sized Camembert pieces rolled in  JUSTaddChilli then bread crumbs and deep fired..

Susan was lucking to get the original mild version into her local Waitrose, which we hear sold over 500 jars in just three weeks making this a faster seller that Heinz tomato sauce.

The price on the web site is £9.95 for two 200ml jars but this does includes delivery, you can order either the Mild or the Wild versions or a mixed selection, I recommend you give this them a try.

I am not sure we are going to see this in our local supermarket for a long time,  Susan may not be able to keep up with demand (each jar is hand made by Susan) but I do hope some of the independent retailers will start to sell and let a wider market try this excellent product.


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