Darth Naga tastes Sinful Sauces Naga Mustard pickle

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Sinful Sauces Naga Mustard Chutney

Sinful Sauces Naga Mustard Chutney

One fateful Thursday evening (last thursday) myself and Sir Dan of Bear (Danny P) decided to take on a mission of utmost importance..one of slaying a demon of rather large proportions, one who has so far caused all manner of chilliheads to commit heinous sins of pleasure and gluttony..okay enough of that, Me and Danny P decided to do a tasting video of one of Sinful Sauces lesser known products, just to see how hot it was and how it stakced up against other products made by the company, our findings are chronicled below!

Ingredients: Naga chillies (80%), Onion, Cider Vinegar, Walnut Oil, Spices, Garlic, Lime, Mustard Seeds

(Review jar kindly supplied by www.sinfulsauces.co.uk)

As you can see from the ingredients list above, there isn’t much to this pickle, suffice to say it has a shitload of naga in it, so i KNEW full well this was going to be a very warm one!!

The jar shape of “Naga and Mustard pickle” is typical of this sort of product, a few other chilli sauce producers also use these jars for similar products, but none of them have decorated the jar quite as well as Sinful have, the lovely gloss black label is adorned with lots of info (surprising for such a small space) about the sauce ingredients and where it was made etc that couple with the cherry red demon’s face and unassuming title make for a very eye catching product!

Upon twisting off the cap you can immediately smell the naga in it, and something that we described in the video as beef monster munch…in fact, why not watch the vid as that gives you a bloody good idea of how this stuff smells and tastes!!

Right! there’s another bloody hot pickle for all og you to get your teeth into, a couple of things that were’nt mentioned in the video is that this pickle comes in a smallish 110ml jar, but don’t let that put you off as the peeps at Sinful Sauces have PACKED the sauce into this jar, it literally touches the lid when you open the jar for the first time, also a sauce of this heat will go a long way and as Danny said to me, it would go really well on a cheese sandwhich or even when you’re sauteeing off some chicken for a curry or chinese, chuck in a teaspoon of this and you’re well away!! At only £3.95 a jar from www.sinfulsauces.co.uk this is well worth the cash and deserves a place in your spice cupboard!!!

Until next time my chilli padawanz, may the sauce be with you, always!!

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