The Hippy Seed Company – Nagasav BBQ Sauce – An essential favourite from Australia

by Patrick Garratt on July 28, 2011 · 1 comment

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The Hippy Seed Company’s first ever sauce, it’s Nagasav BBQ, is still going strong, with the current batch upholding the legendary chilli firm’s trademarks of all-natural heat and commitment to flavour..

Shipped from Australia in bullet-proof packaging, the sauce’s glass bottle weighs in at 150ml with a red screw top sealed on the neck with black plastic. The label’s functional; it’s just some nagas on a yellow background, so don’t expect anything amazing. The sauce itself, though, is well worth the trans-global shipping and rudimentary looks.

The main ingredient’s listed as “nagas,” and the HSC’s site tells us the liquid’s body comes from a mix of naga morich, bih jolokia and red savina. The “BBQ” bit comes from a blend of sugar, tomato and spice. There’s a good slug of vinegar in it.

Ingredients: Naga Morich, Bih Jolokia, Red Savina, Apples, Tomato Concentrate, Sugar, Mollases, Salt, Pepper, Lemon Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, Vegetable Gum and Spices.

It’s easy to pour despite being thick with the mollases, and it’s brown, flecked with black and red. It actually nearly ran off the spoon when I first tested it. The naga’s pungent on the nose, but there’s a distinct aroma of sweet-and-sourness to back it up.

In the mouth, Nagasav is a punch: it’s hot, at least at first. Expect hiccups if you’re doing it neat. HSC’s given it its own heat rating of 10+, compared to its Trinidad scorpion-based Skobiyan sauce at 12/10, but if you’re hardened to the hotter sauces I think you’ll find it easily manageable.

Initially, there’s a lot of naga-centric heat in the back of the throat and on the tongue, but it levels off before becoming overpowering, and an all-over smokiness cuts well into the burn. After a few minutes the sweetness drops away completely to leave you with the remainder of the heat, which moves forwards through the mouth to the lips after leaving the top of the throat, then evaporates quickly and cleanly.

It’s a great sauce.

Nagasav is a genuine eating product, and goes well with sausages, fried fish, potato cakes and the like. My wife and I have made short work of our bottle, and we’re sure to get more. The Aussie dollar’s strong and the moment, so AU$10 works out at about £6.50 plus shipping, but I have no problem paying for a well-balanced, decently hot sauce that tastes so pleasant you can use it on an everyday basis.

HSC will work out the cost of postage for you when you mail with your order, and the entire experience of dealing with the company is fantastic.

Buy some. Fun stuff. You get get it here..


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avatar Lisa March 27, 2013 at 10:43 pm

my husband and myself love to grow peppers…he loves to eat them and the hotter the better…for him. we live is iowa, usa and our soil just doesnt seem to get hot enough. also a problem we have is finding seeds . the hottest pepper we ever got a hold of is the scotch bonnet and a thai pepper. are seeds something that we can purchase from here? my husband love to eat the hot peppers, its not just a dare or wonder if he can handle it…he actually like them…any information would be great. thanks for your time.
Lisa and Brian


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