Hot-Headz – Hot Smoked Chilli Mustard – Is this the best American Style Mustard yet?

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Hot-Headz - Hot Smoked Chilli Mustard

Hot-Headz - Hot Smoked Chilli Mustard

Its is BBQ time, and if you are not a great fan of BBQ sauce on you burger, then how about some hot mustard mixed with smoky Chipotle chillies

On opening this mustard smells a like a mild American Style Mustard, it does not have the nostril burning intensity of an English Mustard, but the colour is a deep orange/yellow with small flecks of red just about visible.

Initially the taste is of a mild American Style Mustard, but then the Chipotles and Jalapeños kick in, with that ‘O so good smoky flavour’, this is American Style mustard, but better, much better than any American Style Mustard I have tasted before.

This is just as I expected when I saw the jar, its a product  that is made for a BBQ’ed burger, add a slice of cheese, a few slices of pickled cucumber all warped up in a fresh bun and I don’t think you could find a better mustard to accompany it.

Ingredients: Prepared Mustard (Distilled Vinegar, Water, Mustard Seed, Salt, Turmeric, Spices) [62%], Chipotle & Red Jalapeno Chilli Peppers [31%], Onion Puree (Citric acid added as a natural preservative), Apple Cider Vinegar, Dried Chipotle Chilli Peppers.

Jar kindly provided by

The problem is now I have to make two burgers, one with this mustard and one with BBQ sauce, that blows the diet..

You get a good sized jar at 255ml for £2.99, I am very please this is not in a squeezy bottle, it makes sure that people do not over do it, while for most chilli-headz this is not hot, but very tasty, for any unexpected users, this could be a bit of a shock.


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