Bengle Naga – A new 700,000 SHU Chilli from Sea Spring Seeds

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The New Bengle Naga

The New Bengle Naga

Following the success of the ‘Dorset Naga’, one of the hottest chillies in the world, Sea Spring Seeds is introducing yet another chilli. Called ‘Bengle Naga’, this ‘Dorset Naga’ relative (both are Capsicum chinense) produces richly aromatic fruit that measure in excess of 700,000 SHUs.

The fruit of ‘Bengle Naga are a beautiful lime green when young, changing to a deep red as they mature. They have an intricately wrinkled surface and an elongated, somewhat sausage-like shape that comes to a sharp point.

‘Bengle Naga’ is a heat-loving cultivar that prefers the warmth of a greenhouse, tunnel or conservatory. It does better in the ground or a big pot (about 15 litres in size), where it will grow into large, bush-like plants that are abundantly productive. Alternatively, plants can be
grown in smaller pots, though both their size and yield will be reduced.

Seeds of ‘Bengle Naga’ will be available from Sea Spring Seeds in November, 2011. Plug plants can be ordered from Sea Spring Plants beginning in the autumn of 2011 for delivery in the spring of 2012 .

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