Bart Spices – Cajun Seasoning

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Bart Spices Cajun Seasoning

Bart Spices Cajun Seasoning

Bart Spices started in the 1960’s, a Bristol based company they have grown to a point where you find their products in most supermarkets and a lot of deli’s. 

Cajun Seasoning has become a big business in the USA with a number of brands all selling a similar recipe for a mix of salt with spices and herbs, it is easy to make your own, but having said that, most of the recipes seem to start with salt and it is good to see Bart’s does not list salt as the first ingredient.  Salt can enhance a flavour, but I much prefer to see it well down the list of ingredients. I can always add the salt myself.

The tin contains a 65g pack of the spice mix, I opened the pack and it about 3/4 fills the tin. It is a nice handy storage size and stacks so you can put a few in your cupboard. The spice mix is a very even consistency with a strong smell of fennel. The initial taste is also from the fennel but that soon subsides and the others ingredients come through, straight from the box it is still quite salty, but tastes great sprinkled on some plain crisps.

Ingredients: Paprika, Basil, Fennel, Salt, Garlic, Onion, Black Pepper, Chilli Powder, Cumin, Mustard.

A quick check of some of the other major spice brands shows this one as having probably the lowest salt content of all and with a complete lack of some odd and unusual ingredients, while checking the lists of other we found such wonders as Maltodextrin, Vegetable Oil and Silicon Dioxide. The last one being added as an anti-caking agent so they can package it easly, all of which make me appreciate Barts product even more.

I guess the best way to taste this is the simplest, so I have generously sprinkled some on to a chicken breast before cooking, and then baked it in the oven, the mix worked well as a flavouring, it does not have a much chilli flavour. When I think of Cajun food it is hot and spicy with lots of Cayenne, this was a little light in this area, the Paprika being there mostly for the colour it seems and the chilli powder being a little to far down the list.

It costs between £2.85 and £3.77 depending on where you shop which when you take into account the rather nice tin, it not bad value, but I do wonder if they do refill packs (I could not see any where I got this from).

If I was making this myself, I would cut the salt content, add some celery powder, dried peppers and some Cayenne to a point where I could start to taste it, everything else was great, and if I am choosing a spice mix or any other  herbs or spices, I would select Bart’s just because of the lack of  the Maltodextrin, Vegetable Oil and Silicon Dioxide and any other funny stuff.


Note: Does anyone else get annoyed, it is almost impossible these days to buy a chicken breast with the skin still on! I like mine with the skin still on it helps it remain moist when cooking I can always removed it myself. Now we all have to have chicken breasts with the skin removed, to help keep it moist it is pumped full of water to keep them moist when cooking. Arrrraaah.  The side effect of  the added water does not seem to be moist chicken, but chicken breasts that shrink when cooked and are still dry. So now when I am stuck I buy bacon and wrap it around the breasts before cooking, all just to get back to something that used to work before we all became health obsessed and unable to remove chicken skin!!!!!

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