Bim’s Kitchen – Smokin’ Red Hot Sauce

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Bim's Kitchen - Smokin' Red Hot Sauce

Bim's Kitchen - Smokin' Red Hot Sauce

This sauce from Bim’s Kitchen could have a bit of a kick, for the smoke flavour he has not used Chipotles but gone for a much hotter Smoked Scotch Bonnet, and if they does not supply enough heat there are the favourite Birdeye Chillies and then just in case  there is some Bhut Jolokia.

Another unusual ingredients has also slipped into this sauce, Hibiscus, they are often found in herbal teas, in West Africa they make a tea called Bissap (Jus de Bissap or Beesap) using dried red Hibiscus flowers, teas like this have been shown to help reduce blood pressure and have other medical properties, there may be hope for me yet!

The sauces come in a 100ml bottle and is a mid brown colour with lots of seeds and other ingredients visible floating in the mix, there are no thickeners added to the sauce, but it has a nice thick consistency, the smell is slightly fruity, not as smoky as I had expected.

The sauce has that instant tingle effect as it hits my tongue, it is good are warming, with a slightly grainy texture from the  ground Alligator Pepper and Cubeb, I had not expected to be able to taste the Hibiscus over the other ingredients, but there are definite hints that I would associate with an Hibiscus based tea. There is some smoke flavour but it is not as heavy as Chipotles can be in high percentages.

Ingredients: Smoked Scotch Bonnets, Smoked Red Peppers, Onion, Tomato, Garlic, Hibiscus, Vinegar, Soy Sauce, Birdseye Chillies, Salt, Ginger, Alligator Pepper, Oregano, Cubeb, Bhut Jolokia Chilli, Thyme, Parsley, Cinnamon.

Bottle kindly supplied by Bim’s Kitchen

This is another excellent example of a sauce with a complete different flavour profile that many that we try, it has be a little confused, time for another spoonful , having tried the Alligator Pepper and Cubeb, I am staring to recognise there earthy peppery flavours, I think it may be the ginger and cinnamon that is producing a very exotic lingering after taste.

Do I like it, well yes, it is very interesting, unusual, defiantly not Mexican influenced, it needs a good strong meat, it would go very well with some of our excellent local salt marsh lamb or even mutton, my mouth is watering as I think about it, must be time for a roast.

At £3.50 a bottle, you are getting a sauce that packs a lot into a small bottle, the more I taste it the better it gets, buy some and try a taste of Africa.


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