Hot-Headz – Habanero Extra Hot Chilli Sauce

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GOOD MORNING CHILLI PADAWANZ!!! I say that in capitals because its 8 am here at ChileFoundry HQ and Hot Juan has already got me hard at work without even feeding me breakfast, sauce review on an empty stomach? yeah CHEERS boss!

Hot-Headz - Habanero Extra Hot Chilli Sauce

Hot-Headz - Habanero Extra Hot Chilli Sauce

Actually scratch that, I’ve just been fed, so it shouldn’t be too bad, the sauce I have for review today is one from the longest running hot sauce shop in the UK, none other than Hot Headz! Obviously Stuart McAllister needs no introduction on this site, so I won’t give him one!

Ingredients: Water, Habanero Chilli Peppers (29%), Vinegar, Onion, Garlic, Spices.

Review bottle kindly supplied by Stu Mcallister over at

Sooooo this sauce is Hot Headz own “Habanero extra hot chilli sauce” and the design of the label fits in nicely with Hot Headz own extensive rebrand that happened late last year, the Hot Headz logo emblazoned in silver across a black background slap bang next to a nice bright orange habanero pepper and the words “Habanero extra hot chilli sauce” in a menacing red colour down the side of the bottle, giving the sauce a massively professional look that fits very well with the modern age.

The sauce inside this industry standard glass 150ml bottle is a reddy orange in colour and has white and black flecks suspended in it quite nicely, it has a texture thats not chunky at all but it pours nicely and isn’t runny in the slightest, so its a nice in-between sauce for texture and i would think this would be used as more of a pouring sauce than an additive to cooking, but enough of all that lets give it a taste shall we?

Twisting off the cap and having a quick sniff of the bottle I can immediately smell the fruity overtones of Habanero and a slight tang of vinegar, which is by no means a bad thing! Pouring it out onto my tasting spoon confirms my thoughts on the consistency of the sauce, its a smooth sauce that is slightly grainy (no doubt from the blended seeds) but it sits nicely in the mouth and i swirl it round a little the flavour of the habs really does come through nicely..then comes the heat!

I guess because of it not being a naga sauce I took it for granted that it wouldn’t be hot, OMFG how wrong I was, the heat from this literally took my breath away, maybe its because i haven’t had a stupidly hot sauce for a while or maybe its the combination of habs and vinegar that did it but this sauce brought on my hiccups in a big way, not so much that I had to reach for the milk, but enough to bring on a round of sweats and some hiccup tears too!

Overall this is a cracking sauce that really does do the Hot Headz name justice and at a mere £2.99 direct from a bottle this sauce is a bargain table sauce that should be in every chilli padawanz sauce collection, might wanna buy a couple of bottles as you will go through the first one pretty quickly putting it on everything!!

Right, i’m off to get some toast, so until next time my chilli padawanz, may the sauce be with you ALWAYSSSSS!!


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