Truly Texas – Southern Pecan BBQ Sauce

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We came across the Exclusive Importers and Sole Distributors’of the Truly Texas range at Grillstock. Taste of Texas has been in business for a couple of years and we are please to see that they are appearing at West Dean later this year.  We have two of their BBQ sauces to review the first of which is the Southern Pecan BBQ Sauce.

Truly Texas - Southern Pecan BBQ Sauce

Truly Texas - Southern Pecan BBQ Sauce

BBQ in Texas is an art form, this is not grilling burgers over hot coals, but a slow cooking method, that can take 10-12 hours to produce some of the most tender and succulent flavoured meat I have tasted. For meat prepared with such care you need a BBQ sauce of equal quality. That is not to say you cannot use good BBQ sauce on your burgers, cooked on the BBQ grill while enjoying  a nice warm summer evening with a beer of two.

I have had been lucky to have some excellent BBQ cooked over hickory wood a few time in my life, and each time the flavour has been outstanding, wood smoked BBQ is a strong flavour idea of slow cooked pork of beef. On opening this bottle I get that memory of real BBQ from just the smell, it makes my taste buds start working overtime. I can now  remember eating beef ribs so large that I got sauce on both ears while eating them..

FYI – The Pecan is a species of Hickory and is the state tree of Texas, both the nuts and the wood are much prized for their excellent flavour.

Ingredients: Tomato Puree (Water and Tomato Paste), Brown Sugar, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Pecans, Red Wine Vinegar, Prepared Mustard (Vinegar, Water, Mustard Seed, Mustard Bran, Salt, FD & C Yellow #5, Turmeric), Molasses, Onion, Carmel Colour, Xanthan Gum, Pepper Sauce ( Cayenne and Habanero Peppers, Vinegar, Salt), Garlic Powder, Hickory Smoke, Natural Flavorings, Spices. Note: Contains Anchovies.

Kindly provided by Taste of Texas

This sauce has that smell, but how does the taste stack-up, the instant first flavour is of mildly smokey tomatoes, there is an excellent balance between the sweet sugar and the vinegar that keeps you coming back for more. Often the smoke flavour is  acrid, like licking the inside of a chimney ( No I have not does this yet, but my imagination is good). This sauce is a work of art, the more I taste it the better it gets, it is not designed to be macho or overpower the food, but to enhance the flavours or in the UK rescue us from the burnt burgers and charcoal coated sausages.

Throw out that sweet sticky muck that is peddled as BBQ sauce in the UK supermarkets and get some real BBQ sauce, you will be glad you did and this is one of the best examples of it type you will find.

At £4.50 a bottle this is not cheap, and it tastes so good a bottle does not last long, but it is worth every penny, for more information and to place an order visit


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