South Devon Chilli Farm’s Extreme Chilli Chocolate

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Here I am again, eating chocolate in the office.. as the weather has been so hot over the last few days, I decided to review this chocolate before it had a chance to melt.

South Devon Chilli Farm - Extreme Chilli Chocolate

South Devon Chilli Farm - Extreme Chilli Chocolate

When I am reviewing chocolate that is not going to be a cooking ingredients, I look for a couple of things before putting any in my mouth, I like the chocolate to look good, it needs to have that slightly shine to the surface, then I am listening to how the bar sounds and I snap it in my fingers, I am looking for a sharp crack as it breaks.

Well this chocolate passes both of these requirements with flying colours, if fact as I tap two pieces together, there is that almost fine china sound. The chocolate does not strong smell in my air conditioned office, but what I can smell is a little hint of chillies.

Ingredients: Chocolate: 99% (of which cocoa solids 60% minimum, Sugar, Emulsifer: Soya Lecithin, Flavouring: Natural Vanilla), Hot Dried Chilli: 1%.

Packs kindly provided by South Devon Chilli Farm

So most importantly how does it taste? when initially as it melts in the mouth there is that unmistakable richness of the 60% cocoa solids chocolate, it is not as bitter and sharp as some of the chocolates I have tasted lately with higher percentages of cocoa, but at 60% is will not put off the consumer who normally would not eat dark chocolate. The warmth starts to appears as the chocolate melts in the mouth, it starts mildly and builds, at only 1%  Naga Chillies this is not going to be a killer heat, maybe extreme is a little bit of an optimistic name, but is gets hotter and hotter the more you indulge.

At £3.60 for 100g this is a premium price for a flavoured chocolate, but I think I would have no problem recommended you buy it. It’s not often that the really enjoy a chilli chocolate so much, I am glad they sent a few packs!

I think I may try grating some over my next cappuccino, that is if there is any left..


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