Cambridge Chilli Farm – Scotch Bonnet Jelly

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“At The Cambridge Chilli Farm we use only the finest ingredients in our products and we always source locally grown ingredients where possible.”

Cambridge Chilli Farm -Scotch Bonnet Jelly

Cambridge Chilli Farm -Scotch Bonnet Jelly

It’s always nice to see these statements on the sauces you like. For a small company like The Cambridge Chilli Farm, to make these kinds of commitments, you have to be serious about what you’re doing.

When I first heard about the jellies that Tim makes, I was a little put off. Being vegetarian doesn’t always lend itself to the wold of chilies; some sauces contain nampla (fish sauce), whilst others have gelatine in them, so a fair few I don’t get to try.

However, Tim told me that this was vegetarian, I was delighted…

Ingredients: Bramley Apples, Sugar, Peaches, Scotch Bonnet Peppers.

Jar kindly provided by Cambridge Chilli Farm

This smooth orangey-red, opaque jelly contains very small fleshy parts and occasionally a seed or two. in a standard hexagonal jar you get 110grams, lit with Tim’s bright yellow and orange labels. It has a very thick consistency of what you would expect a good jam/jelly to be like. The difference between a jam and a jelly (so I have just been informed) is that a jam has lots of bits in it and a jelly has a smooth thick set… learn something new every day!

The immediate smell is scotch bonnets, but not enough to be overpowering as the soft scent of the apples brings it down a notch. I was surprised as there was very little smell to this product.

The texture is like a smooth marmalade that melts in your mouth. Straight away you get sweetness which coats your mouth. The very subtle peach flavour gives way very quickly for the distinctive scotch bonnet taste. No sooner have you tasted the sweetness, the heat takes over and you are left with an all over mouth burn. If you swallow too quickly, it will get your throat too, so its best to savour on the tongue for a while. It is a building heat as well, the more you eat, the hotter it gets. As a starting point of being really warm, its a significant build!

I impatiently tried this jelly when it was sent to me on fresh scones with clotted cream. I must say that it works very well as a hot sweet jelly in a cream tea. So don’t just assume it will go with just cheese and meat, it can go with scones, on toast, added to rice or couscous as Tim suggests on the jar. I suggested ‘Jelly and Ice cream’ but that’s a mission for another day.

Not currently available on Tim’s online shop. But if you visit his website there are dates of the events he will be at, pedalling his wares.


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