Cambridge Chilli Farm’s Ghost Pepper 10 Onion Relish

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Cambridge Chilli Farm's Ghost Pepper 10 Onion Relish

Cambridge Chilli Farm's Ghost Pepper 10 Onion Relish

The Cambridge Chilli Farm make a sauce called Ghost Pepper 10 which scored a 9/10 for flavour when we reviewed it a few months ago. Now Tim has extended the Ghost Pepper 10 range and added  “Ghost Pepper 10 Onion Relish”, as yet you will not find it on the web site, as it is only available direct at events and markets (A list of which can be found on the site

This is not the first Onion Relish they have made, there is also Naga Napalm Onion Relish which contains three Naga Morich chillies in each jar, the Original Ghost Pepper 10 Sauce got it’s name from having 10 Ghost Peppers used to make each bottle, so I am expecting this new onion relish to blow me away.

The 220g  jar is packed full of the relish which is a thick sticky brown constancy it is easy to see the browned onion flesh. It smells very strongly of Naga’s, which I guess is a good thing, but makes me fear the consequences of what I am about to do.

Ingredients: Red Onions, Brown Sugar, Naga Morich Chillis, Red Wine Vinegar, Chipotle Chillies.

Jar kindly provided by “Cambridge Chilli Farm

After a cough and a splutter, I can tell you the first taste if of the sweet onions and the red wine vinegar, then a few moments later the Naga’s start to kick in slowly at first but things are getting hotter and hotter, lips are tingling, a bit of a cough and we are returning to normal.

Often I find the second spoon full a much better indicator of the taste, and this time after my mouth has acclimatised, I can taste more of the good sweet onion and the Naga’s are a little slower to get going, and a little less intense

Its is onion relish, but not as we have tried it before, it has that required sweetness, that makes it irristable, tonight we are having Lincolnshire pork sausages and for me a big dollop of this will be on the side of my plate, normally with an onion relish I would be saying ” Would go great with a strong cheese, in a sandwich”  but no not this time, I am not sure there is a cheddar strong enough to survive, just put this on it own and enjoy!!

I have to give this another (9/10) for flavour it’s a real winner, the quality of the labelling is improving while staying in the house style, nice to see a description on the jar.


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