envy – A Kiwi, Lime and Jalapeño Hot Sauce from Sinful Sauces

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Sinful Sauces - envy

Sinful Sauces - envy

Well it seems to be true envy is green! well at least if it is hot sauce from Sinful Sauces, I am very please to see that envy is the mildest of their range of 7 deadly sins.

The Kiwifruit aka the Kiwi or Chinese Gooseberry and even for a brief period the Melonette has been know by many names during it rise to fame, but only in 1961 did it actually become the Kiwifruit by Jack Turner. we think of this fruit having come from New Zealand,  but it was originally a native of southern China.

I had not before come across a product that mixed the Kiwi with Chillies, but during my research it seems this combination is more common than I expected, with lost of recipe for Salsa’s, Relishes coming from  around the world.

The Kiwi does not have a strong smell, but on opening the bottle there is a lovely fresh smell from the fruit, with hints of the lime and ginger. The sauces is thick with the fruit and seeds.

The initial flavour is most definitely the cooling kiwi, then a little warmth from the Jalapeños followed by the ginger and as that fades there is just a hint of  lime, the background warmth from the Jalapeños last long enough to get me spooning some more.

Ingredients: Kiwi Fruit (62%), Green Jalapeño (19%), Sugar, Lime (11%), Fresh Ginger.

Bottle kindly provided by Sinful Sauces

This sauce is a bit like an exotic smoothie, I would be happy to drink it direct from the bottle with a straw, it is not like almost anything else I have tried and it surprisingly moorish. I don’t think they have added an ingredient to this that is not noticed and enjoyed.

Pour this over vanilla icecream  or make a simple sweet salad dressing, what ever you do with this it won’t last long, everyone, even the anti chilli members of the family will love this.

For me the bottle is to small for a sauce that will get used up so quickly and at £4.50 it is not cheap, but it is  very unusual and a must try sauce. Sinful Sauces must but be given great respect for producing a range of such outstanding sauces at their first attempt, we have not yet found a weak sauce in their line-up.


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