Can you cook a Chilli – Prove it?

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Places at the 1st Annual Reading Chilli Cook-Off are going fast, there are only 20 places and so far there have been 15 team requested entry forms.

Homer and the Chilli Competition

Homer and the Chilli Competition

The rules are simple:-

  • “Chilli” is defined as any kind of meat or combination of meats, cooked with chilli peppers, spices and other ingredients, with the exception of rice and pasta, which are strictly forbidden. Beans are permitted.
  • All Chillies are to be cooked from scratch at the cook-off event. No marinating is allowed. No pre-cooking is allowed. Commercial chilli powder is permissible, but complete commercial chilli mixes (“just add meat” mixes that contain pre-measured spices) are not permitted. Thickeners such as corn meal, flour etc., are permissible.
  • All cooking is to be done in a sanitary manner. Conditions are subject to inspection by the Chief Judge. In addition, failure to comply is subject to disqualification for that team.
  • Each team will provide all ingredients, utensils, and accessories necessary to cook chilli. This includes cooking stoves and fuel.
  • Each head chef will be responsible for cooking no less than one (1) gallon of chilli and turning in one (1) cup of chilli for judging. Judging cups will be supplied.
  • Cooking will take place from 12pm to 4pm at which time samples will be gathered for judging.
  • At no time should you leave cooking chilli unattended (for safety and integrity reasons).
  • Each contestant will be assigned a contestant number by the Chief scorekeeper and given a Styrofoam cup with lid. Each contestant is responsible for turning in his or her filled cup to the judging area by 4pm.
  • Judges will vote for the chilli they like best based on the following major considerations:
  1. Colour – chilli should look appetising, reddish brown is generally accepted as good.
  2. Aroma – chilli should smell good. This also indicates what is in store when you taste it.
  3. Consistency – chilli must have a good ratio between sauce and meat. It should not be dry, watery, grainy, lumpy, or greasy.
  4. Taste – Taste, above all else is the most important factor. The taste should consist of the combination of the meat, spices, etc. with no particular ingredient being dominant.
  5. Aftertaste – The aftertaste or bite is the heat created by the various types of spices and or peppers.
  6. We encourage that your Chilli should be distributed to the public as tasting samples, but only after judging has commenced.
  7. The decisions of the Chief Judge are final.

You can request an application form from and find more on the web site

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