Hot-Headz – Jalapeno & Bramley Apple Sweet Salsa

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Hot-Headz Jalapeño Bramley Apple Sweet Salsa

Hot-Headz Jalapeño Bramley Apple Sweet Salsa

The Jalapeño is one of the worlds most popular chillies, it has a completely unique flavour that no other chilli can match, you will find on Pizza’s around the world, served with Nachos and in jars pickled in the isles of most supermarkets.

There is a lot of competition for Hot-Headz with Jalapeños almost everywhere. This is a cooked salsa, it has to be to get the shelf live required, it also gives the ingredients a different texture to a fresh salsa, but it also allows then to combine and if done well can prove to be a delight.

On opening it is almost impossible not to recognise the smell of apples and Jalapeños, the salsa is a green colour with flecks of darker green floating in the mix, the apples, cider vinegar and jalapeños produces a slight sweet and sour combination.

The heat is higher than you would normally find from this quantity of Jalapeños, and this is because it has been boosted by some Birds eye chilles, Using bramley apples gives this a fresh sweet flavour.

Ingredients: Green peppers (28%), Bramley Apples (25%), Cider Vinegar, Sugar, Water, Onion (6%), Jalapeño Chillies (5.9%), Ginger, Salt, Coriander, Birds Eye chilli peppers (0.7%), Garlic.

Jar kindly provided by

I don’t think you will find a salsa like this in your local supermarket, they only seem to stock the standard red pulp salsa in a jar that is passed off as salsa dip for crisps, please don’t buy this stuff, either make your own or buy a quality product like this one.

The 185ml jar costs just £2.95 and can be ordered on-line at, Hot-headz stocks some excellent salsa’s

Salsa is not just a dip, it can be used in all sorts of ways:-

  1. Soften some butter and combine with about 20-30% of the volume of salsa and roll in some cling film to make a sausage shape then refrigerate. Use on a rare steak or on a jacket potato
  2. Use to stuff a chicken breast before baking.
  3. Combine with grated cheese and use to stuff jalapeños before coating in bread crumbs and deep fry until the coating is crisp.
  4. Use as a topping  for a pizza instead of a tomato sauce.
  5. Combine 1tsp or salsa and 1tsp of marmalade and use to marinate some chicken breasts or pork chops.

Why not send us a email with your ideas of what else you can do with salsa?


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