Mr Vikki’s – Harry’s ‘Smokin’ Ranch Sauce

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Mr Vikki's - Harry's 'Smokin' Ranch Sauce

Mr Vikki's - Harry's 'Smokin' Ranch Sauce

This is a smoky BBQ sauce from Mr Vikki’s, and as we know from the past that Adam Marks (AKA Mr Vikki’s) is a master of making sauces, some of them taking years to develop, so this one is opened with great expectations…

This is a dark reddy brown colour with the odd chilli seed floating in the mix, on opening it smells amazing, tomatoes and smoky chipotle chillies burst from the bottle, the taste as close as I have come to to some of the best Kansas City style BBQ sauces I have tasted, but thankfully it is not as sweet. In the UK we seem to think BBQ sauce is a cheap product full of sugar and caramel colouring  and this is what we find in our supermarkets.

Back to the flavour, it is instantly smokey, but not the acrid chemical smoke you find in cheap so called smokey sauces, this is then followed by the rich tomatoes, vinegar and soy sauce, so well balanced is this sauce, I can get the hint of celery right at the end. All of this is warmed by the Chipotle chillies, which have not just provide the heat they are the source of the natural smoke flavour.

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Vinegar, Brown Sugar, Chipotle Chillies, Soy Sauce, Garlic, Spices, Celery, Salt.

Bottle kindly provided by Mr Vikki’s

This is not a sticky sauce, it does not need to be, it is thick with quality ingredients, it would easily coat a rack of ribs with out problem, if you look at supermarket BBQ sauces you will see sugar at the top of the ingredients and the even sweeter high fructose corn syrup is often in there as well, while sugar is needed in this style of sauce, it does not add flavour, it just cheap and sticky…

This sauce is not cheap £4.00 per bottle, but it is still excellent value for money, there is a big flavour here waiting to get out.. you can order on-line or find your local stockist  at


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