Chilli Variety – The Confusing Birds Eye Chilli

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Is this a "Bird Eye" Chilli

Is this a "Bird Eye" Chilli

This is one of the most common chillies available in the UK supermarkets and specialist shops, you can find it both fresh and dried, they are relatively hot at between 100,000 – 225,000 Scovile Units (SHU), but are we all taking about the same chilli, as there seems to be a lot of confusion about what they are!

In general they seem to be  about 1 – 3 cm in length and 0.5cm to 1cm in diameter, they are thin walled, packed with seeds and conical in shape, starting green and maturing to red.

Birds Eye chillies are found all over Africa and Asia, and is know by many local names such as Piri-Piri or Bird’s eye chili, Bird, African Devil, Boonie pepper, Cabe rawit (Indonesian), Cengek (Sundanese), Cengis (Banyumasan language), Cili padi (Malay), Kanthari mulagu (Malayalam), Kochchi (Sinhalese), Ladâ, Lombok rawit (Javanese), Phrik khi nu (Thai), Siling labuyo (Tagalog/Filipino), Thai dragon, Thai hot, Congo chiles, Mombassa chiles, Pequin chiles, Uganda chiles and Zanzibar chiles.

It seem that we are all confused where this chilli is a C.annuum or A.frutescens with different seed providers being evenly balanced on the subject, but we have even seen it listed at C.chinense.

For what is one of the most commonly available chillies, we are confused, it is probably lots of different variates, that look similar, a common name Piri-Piri translates in some languages to Hot-Hot while it others it has become the term for chillies.

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