The Hippy Seed Company – Skobiyan – based on the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Chilli

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The Hippy Seed Company - Skobiyan

The Hippy Seed Company - Skobiyan

Good day my chilli padawanz!! I’m quite excited about this review as I haven’t had a chance to review one of this companys products yet so this is a first for me, not only that but the sauce itself is possibly the hottest all natural sauce on the market as it uses the record breaking, “Butch T” Trinidad Scorpion, the hottest chilli on earth!

The sauce is made by a company known as “The Hippy Seed Company” and I suspect this is down to its founder Neil being a hippy himself, as such all his company (and himself) seems to take a very laid back approach to things, and it works bloody well for them too! We have featured a few articles recently on the company, mainly centered around the fact that they now grow the hottest chilli in the world! Anyway enough of this history, if you want to know about THSC then visit!

Ingredients: Nashi pears, Trinidad scorpions, lemon and lime juice, red and white vinegar, sugar, pepper mix, salt, spices.

Bottle kindly suppied by

There you have it! This sauce is one thats well known among chilli products reviewers such as myself, and ever since the world record news it has gained more notoriety, “Skobiyan” is a sauce that has always been popular over in its native Australia, but recently has started gaining ground over here in the UK too! The bottle itself is quite different to the ones we use here in the UK, its still a 150ml bottle but the cap and shape are a little different.

The label is a nice simple red one, with a tribal scorpion in black, and the name of the sauce in purple, never one to mince his words, Neil has had the words “F*****g hot chilli sauce” proudly emblazoned above “Product of Australia”. The sauce inside is a standard red with seeds, flesh and black bits floating in it, which I suspect is black pepper, interestingly enough upon opening the bottle I can really smell the black pepper and scorpions! The video review below explains the flavours and effects of this sauce way better than I could, so give it a watch!

There ya have it folks, it really is an amazingly hot sauce, but unlike some others the flavour is not sacrificed for the sake of heat, it has a very unique flavour which I suspect is down to the Nashi pears, as they are the ingredient in the largest quantity! The lovely black pepper taste also scores high in my book as I LOVE black pepper, so its a nice all rounder this time, in fact if it weren’t for the fact that sauce is so stupidly hot, I would probably use it all the time, as it is though I will be using it sparingly!!

A big thankyou to my mate Danny who helped me do the video review, as you could see from his reaction, he thoroughly enjoyed the sauce as well and was very surprised that a sauce of that heat level tasted that good! Well until next time my chilli padawanz, its time to say goodbye and wish you all a happy belated Easter/Ostara, may the sauce be with you, always!!


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