Mr Vikki’s Banana Habanero Chutney

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Mr Vikki's Banana Habanero Chutney

Mr Vikki's Banana Habanero Chutney

This needs some awesome music playing and a deep voice booming over the surround sound system “4 Years In the Making. Made to a Secret Recipe. Hand made only in the Lake District. Mr Vikki’s is pleased to present his new epic production Banana Habanero Chutney

This Chutney has the rare distinction of two gold great taste awards in both 2009 and 2010’s competition, now I have made a few Banana Chutney’s in my time so I feel well placed to judge this one.

After just cracking the top of the jar, you can smell the banana’s and just a hint of the ginger, the jar is full to the top, the chutney is thick with nice banana flesh, well mixed into it are the other ingredients, the ginger and banana are a great combination, but the coconut add greatly to the texture in the mouth and is a nice surprise flavour.

Ingredients: Fresh Bananas (65%), British Sugar, Fresh Ginger (5%), Vinegar, Coconut, Habaneros (5%), Bhut Jolokia (1%), Spices, Rapeseed Oil, Mustard, Salt.

Jar kindly provided by Mr Vikki’s

After the initial flavour comes the warmth of the Habanero’s backed by some Bhut Jolokia, this stuff is full of flavours, and for the use I have it mind for it it will need to be able to stand out, tonight I am cooking a curry, not very hot, I do have a family, but what is left in the jar will act as the perfect condiment and complement my fruity curry.

This is a excellent chutney, very much in the Mr Vikki’s style of flavour first, it is not massively hot, but it brings a nice tingle to the lips, and the banana almost cools you down as you start.

Just one thing I need to point out with this chutney, most banana chutney’s go dark brown as the banana oxidises during cooking, but not this one (the picture does not do it justice), the colour is like fresh mashed banana, the texture is of cooked banana… must be a Mr Vikki’s secret (Must ask him how he does that!).

At only £2.75 per jar Mr Vikki’s product are always amazing value, we know he only uses the best ingredients, and is very skilled in the kitchen, but £2.75 makes this a complete bargain.. So off with you now visit the web site or hunt this down, his list of stockists on the web site.


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