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Project Spice Bhut Kicker!

Project Spice Bhut Kicker!

Bhut Kicker!  comes from David Tidmarsh of Project Spice in Dawlish in Devon, we reviewed his C4 a few months ago and David had done a great job combining sweet mango with chillies, this sauce is in the middle of the range in heat terms with Flamin’ Galah being even hotter.

The sauce is a quite liquid, I guess this is mostly due to the fact there is very little in the ingredients to thicken it, there are quite a few small flecks of chilli floating in the sauce,  on open the sauce there is a strong smell from the Cider Vinegar and the Lime Juice.

This may be the middle heat sauce in the range, but after a instant lime hit, in comes the Bhut Jolokia’s, this is a hot sauce, the liquid nature of the sauce means it seems to get in to every part of the mouth within moments, I won’t be drinking this directly out of the bottle.

Ingredients: Bhut Jolokia Chilli, Cider Vinegar, Lime Juice, Sugar, Water, Garlic, Ginger & Salt.

Bottle kindly provided by

After a moment or two I cool down the lime flavour returns, the cider vinegar is far less rough on the pallet than malt vinegar based sauces, and a second spoon full does not diminish the lovely lime flavour and the Bhut Jolokia heat.

With the strong lime flavour this would make a great base for a tasty Bloody Mary, just add a shot or two of vodka in to a tall glass and full of ice, then a shot of Bhut Kicker! and then full to the top with Tomato juice, no need here of Tabasco or Worcestershire sauce.

Bhut Kicker! comes in a 125ml bottle and costs £4.99 each you can order on line at it is also well worth taking a look around the Project Spice web site as there is a ever growing curry recipe section.

Just in case you are wondering I have sent the bottle of Flamin’ Galah to Darth to sample, I am not sure I could do it justice, that’s my excuse anyway!

Note: Dave has reduced the prices of his sauces from £4.99 to £3.95 to order visit – (4/8/2011)


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