Dragonfire – Beast Killer Extreme Hot Sauce

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Scovilla - Dragonfire Beast Killer

Scovilla - Dragonfire Beast Killer

A while ago The Cheeky Chile Company sent us a batch of sauces from Scovilla in Germany, and I have been luck enough to get a bottle of DragonFire Beast Killer to review, this sauces is an all natural product with no extracts to make it hotter, but having said that it is made with Naga’s…..

Ingredients: Naga Chilli Peppers, Salt, Pineapple, Water, Cocoa Powder, Pineapple Essence.

Bottle kindly provided by The Cheeky Chile Company

The sauce is a smooth blend of the ingredients it is surprisingly thick, on opening the bottle there is a slightly sweet smell from the Pineapple, and a big blast from the Naga’s this must have a very high content of Naga Chillies.

I put a little drop of this sauce in my mouth and it instantly feels like it sucking a hot coal, as the heat calms down I can get a little flavour from the Pineapple, if you look at the list of ingredients, you will see Cocoa powder listed, this may seem like an odd ingredient for a hot sauce, but as my mouth cools down, I have got a definite sensation of dark chocolate.

This is a unusual hot sauce, I don’t think I have tried one with this kind of taste combination before, while it smells slightly sweet, it does not taste sweet, and most definitely has that Naga powered explosion, the after taste is very pleasant, I think I may try adding this to my next Chilli Con Carne.

The label is a nice and bright, but I did have a problem reading the white text on the back, having said that it certainly stand out on the shelf.

You can order this sauce on-line at www.cheekychile.com normally it is £5.95 a bottle, but at the moment they are offering a 10% discount


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