Darth Naga vs ChilliPepperPete’s Goan to the Loo

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ChilliPepperPete Goan to the Loov

ChilliPepperPete Goan to the Loo

Good morning my lil chilli padawanz!! I’m here today to tell you all about my cooking experience with another of “Chilli Pepper Pete’s” curry sauces, if you think back to my previous “Nagaloo” review, or just go here Nagaloo Review.┬áThen you’ll remember that i not only ate it neat, but i also could not finish it, and only got about halfway through if that!! Well this time i have taken steps to make sure i can eat it!!

Ingredients: Onions, green pepper, coconut milk, naga jolokia, peas, brocolli, green beans, spinach, vinegar, tamarind, spices, herbs, sugar.

(Review Jar generously supplied by www.chillipepperpete.com)

So where do i start? I’ll start by saying that even though I took precautions and even though I was better prepared, “Goan to the Loo” STILL managed to take me by surprise! The jar is a relatively modest jar, the title of the sauce is rather scary in green and yellow shaky writing don’t ya think? And of course like all the other bottle in CPP’s rebrand, this one features a lil square headed dude, who on this occasion is stood next to a toilet with sweat pouring down his brow and steam coming out of his mouth…so this sauce can CLEARLY see the future!

Cooking Goan to the Loo

Cooking Goan to the Loo

I opened the lid and took a look at the concoction inside and it immediately hit me that i had smelt this before, it has a very similar look and smell to the “Naga Green Headhunter” sauce that I reviewed last year..in fact the ingredients list is almost identical, i would not be surprised if this is a reworking of that sauce made into a nice curry sauce instead of a pouring one! I wouldn’t say this one was a “sauce” either persay…the Nagaloo was an all encompassing sauce that contained veggies and such as well so it could be used entirely on its own (which I did…regrettably) whereas this one is definitely more of a paste and could be used as an EXCELLENT base for a damn fine curry, and so i set about doing just that.

As you can see from the pics, I detailed my king prawns and placed them into a pan with just enough of the GTL (goan to the loo) to coat them and cook them off with it, myself and Mr’s Naga were a coughing spluttery mess when the steam from the curry became airborne, the naga really does catch the back of your throat quite harshly, like a chilli CS gas! After a little while of cooking the prawns and paste, I added a little more, by this time i had used half a jar and I think that was more than enough!

To the prawns and GTL I added one small jar of another Thai curry sauce, which I had hoped would not distract me from the flavours of the GTL, but to be absolutely sure after the curry was cooked I had a teaspoon of the GTL straight from the jar and compared it with a spoon of the green gloop i had created. The same flavours were present in both, most notable the onion, Naga and coconut, with a little bit of pea flavour too, so it was as i had thought, the GTL was so strong in flavour that it had managed to assimilate the lesser sauce and use it as a vessel for its own tastes, nice work Pete!!

Well, i have to say once I grabbed my Naan bread and tucked in, I managed to get 2 thirds of the way through before I was genuinely full, but as you can see from the pics I had cooked just a little too much (oops!) Using this for a base was definitely the way to go, the curry was edible but only just, the searing heat was still present even though I had only used half a jar but it was just too delicious to stop eating, so i allowed the heat to take hold of me while i spooned down as much as i could handle.

I can say without a doubt that out of both the curry sauces that Pete does, this is definitely the more complex and well flavoured of the two, with a cracking punch of heat to top off an already quality sauce and at only a fiver a jar from www.chillipepperpete.com, you can easily get two nice, hot family curries out of this (if you want to punish your kids with food LOL) or if you’re a complete mentalist like Chilli Talent, you’d probably just use the whole jar and add a little water to thin it down!!

Overall this is a cracking curry sauce that should find its way into your pantry at LEAST once, for the experience alone!

Until next time my chilli padawanz, may the sauce be with you, ALWAYS!!!


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