Who Dares Burns Naga Bhut Jolokia Crushed Pepper Sauce

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Hot-Headz Naga Bhut Jolokia Crushed Pepper Sauce

Hot-Headz Naga Bhut Jolokia Crushed Pepper Sauce

First of all, after reading the info on the bottle of this gorgeous coloured sauce, the one thing that made me smile the most was the description of the naga bhut jolokia as being “natures napalm”.

What a great start, the guys at Hot-Headz have got my attention and I am ready to sample what I imagine to be a very very nice sauce.

This was the first of the “who dares burns” range I had tried, I know that it is a hit with a few people so I was more than happy to burn off some taste buds with this heavy duty sauce.

Ingredients: Water, Habanero Chillies (35%), Naga Jolokia Chillies (20%) Salt, Carrots, Onions, Lime Juice, Acetic Acid, Food Starch, Passionfruit Juice, Citric Acid, Xantham Gum, Garlic.

Bottle kindly provided by Hot-Headz

The logo on the bottle is a military ass kicking, in and out, take no prisoners action film set of steel wings with a pepper in the middle and I love it. As I said before, the colour is gorgeous, it looks like molten lava in a bottle and you can see shreds of peppers and seeds in it too. When I opened the bottle I swear I saw a little orange mushroom cloud pop out, and after a good old smell and melting my nasal passage I was ready to pour and experience.

The one thing after the smell of Habanero peppers I got was the lime juice which works so well with them, quite an exotic smell to it. The sauce pours easily, it is quite thin but the pepper shreds and seeds thicken it out and there are plenty of both in here so there is nothing left to do than give it a go.

An instant taste of Salt, Lime juice and Habanero the three main ingredients that give the sauce its taste in my opinion, it is lovely, time to pour and taste again. The ingredients match so well with this sauce and the fact you can have a nibble on the peppers and seeds in it make the taste more intense and you get a lovely kick off it too.

The kick comes from the naga chillies and it is a bit like being in a mosh pit watching your favourite band play your favourite song, absolute bliss. You get a nice tingle around your mouth and lips and the heat is just right to be honest, for a hot sauce the balance is perfect and nothing gets taken away by the heat, you can eat this on its own for ages and you will not get bored of it and I don’t think you will want to share it either because you want it all to yourself, this is my favourite sauce at the moment.

I tried it with some garlic mayo and had some nachos as a quick snack and I could not eat them fast enough, I also added it to a chilli to give it more flavour and that is what this sauce does best, it provides so much flavour and a great level of heat that no matter how much you add to your food it will not burn your mouth to the point that it refuses to open, it just leaves you wanting more.

This bottle of sauce comes with an amazing price of just £3.99, an absolute bargain !

You cannot go wrong with this, get to www.hot-headz.com and get one or three and check out all these guys have to offer.

Thanks for reading sauce fans.

Chilli Talent.


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