Domino’s New Reggae Reggae Pizza – Special Offer till April 10th

by Darth Naga on April 6, 2011 · 1 comment

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Reggae Reggae Pizza

Reggae Reggae Pizza

It was Tuedsay night, myself and Mr’s Naga were feeling a bit peckish and fancied something different, i was sat at my PC at the time and was just browsing facebook, when a post came up from the “Domino’s” pizza page, so i clicked it and it took me to the “Reggae Reggae pizza pre launch” special offer where you could grab the pizza for only £9.99!! We were both up for trying something different, and because Domino’s are our local “Pizza delivery experts” we decided to give it a try!

Ingredients: Domino’s signature pizza dough,Pineapple, Sweetcorn, green peppers, tomato and “Reggae Reggae sauce” (Please note this is the “Veggae Veggae” version for vegetarians, the normal version omits the sweetcorn and has chicken instead)

(Review sample kindly supplied by Domino’s the pizza delivery expert)

Darth’s Opinion:

“Let me first say that the Domino’s pizza shop in Bordon should be praised for it lightening quick service, from paying via paypal to the pizza arriving at my door was a mere 20 minutes and it was cooked to PERFECTION! The pizza itself was nothing short of awesome, The dough was nice and fluffy and the topping were neither too dry or too wet, they were just perfect.

I like what Domino’s have done with this one, they have basically taken a chicken and vegetable pizza and given it a real caribbean flava (see what i did there?) by adding in some of Levi Roots own “Reggae Reggae sauce” and they haven’t just splashed it over the top, they have used the sauce in place of their traditional tomato sauce, so its in every single bite you take, and the flavour of the sauce (my original review for Reggae Reggae sauce can be found here) really does come through well and make this pizza just that little bit more special.

I can honestly say that i have nothing bad to say about this pizza, in fact the only criticism that i could give it is the lack of any chilli’s on top of the pizza, that would have sealed this review in gold for me!”

Mr’s Naga’s opinion:

“I must say that I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve tried the original Reggae Reggae sauce before and thought it was good, but not something awe inspiring. I notivced in another fast food restaurant that they served ‘Reggae Reggae Chicken’ and I felt a little saddened that, as a vegetarian, the carnivores were getting all the options! So, its refreshing to see something that has been designed for vegetarians as well. Firstly I have to admit that I didn’t give this sauce its ‘dues’ as it were. On its own it is an average sauce; but with the toppings on this pizza is was delicious.

I love pineapple and sweetcorn on my pizzas, and replacing the usual tomato sauce with the Reggae Reggae sauce was an interesting, but simply superb idea. I can’t agree with Darth about the heat level, the sauce is warming enough and I feel that adding chilies would ruin the effects that this pizza achieves.”

If theres one thing that myself and Mr’s Naga can agree on, its that we think “Reggae Reggae sauce” should be an option when customising ANY pizza on the Domino’s website, we have agreed that if it became an option we would probably choose “Reggae Reggae sauce” over the normal tomato sauce base every time, it is THAT good!

This week you can order the pizza for a special price of just £9.99 by “liking” the facebook page and clicking the “order now” button Here:

After this week you will of course be able to order the pizza at normal prices over at

Until next time we meet my chilli padawans, may the sauce be with you, ALWAYS!!!


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avatar Hot Juan April 6, 2011 at 7:37 pm

Just had a Reggae Reggae Pizza to try with my son Antony, it went down very well, not hot but has a nice flavor, works well with the pineapple and other topping, normally would not eat a pizza with Pineapple, but this time it worked.


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