The Dartmoor Chilli Farm – Hazelnut & Cranberry Chilli Chocolate

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A chocolate review, and before Darth Naga asks, yes I have sent you some to try, but not this bar, I ate it all.

High quality chocolate snaps as you break it into pieces and has a melt in the mouth texture that is smooth with no oily aftertaste, this chocolate hits all the right buttons for quality, it has a mild warmth from the chillies and whole Hazelnuts are crunchy, it tastes great, it only the Cranberries that got a bit lost in the chocolate for me, I could feel them, but not always taste them.

Dartmoor Chilli Farm - Hazelnut & Cranberry Chilli Chocolate

Dartmoor Chilli Farm - Hazelnut & Cranberry Chilli Chocolate

Manufactured exclusively for the Dartmoor Chilli Farm by Lessiters, a 99th year old, Family-owned and managed  independent chocolatier, they only use the finest ingredients in their chocolate and still use traditional Swiss methods in their production.

Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Sugar, Emulsifer (Soya Lecithin), Hazelnuts (8%), Cranberries (7%), Dartmoor Chilli Farm Chilli Powder, Sunflower Oil.

At only £2.75 per bar, it is still some of the best chocolate you can get for the money. visit the Dartmoor Chilli Farm you will be amazed at the range of chilli chocolates they sell.


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