Mr Vikki’s HHHII (Heaven Hot Habanero 2) Video Review

by Mrs Naga on March 27, 2011 · 0 comments

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If you havent already seen, I managed to jump in on one of Darth Naga’s video reviews for this product. Now, on Mr Vikki’s website, he describes this furious jam as HHH’s Big Sister; I like this image, especially needing ‘a whip and some backbone to tame this one…’

Ingredients : Sugar, Habanero Chilies 45%, Vinegar, Onion Seeds, Salt, Spices.

HHH2 comes in Mr Vikki’s usual hexagonal jar of 110ml. Its a lovely thick gloopy consistency with plenty of seeds. You get the first scent of vinegar and unmistakable Habanero that goes straight to the back of the nose. Its a beautiful rich strawberry red colour, but I would be very careful not to mistakenly put this on your toast in the morning!

The first thing you taste is the sweetness. Sweet enough to make your mouth water in preparation for what is to come. The fruity Habanero flavour comes through just before it starts to melt your lips and tongue, everything the jam has touched. HHH2 is very moreish, even though you are still burning, you just want to taste it again and again. The subtle flavour of onion makes this jam remind you of a chili relish, but the consistency reminds you that it is infact a savoury jam.

On Mr Vikki’s website he suggests putting it with cheese, in a stir fry, or for dunking chips in. I have to agree on the cheese part, I think a cheese and HHH2 toastie will mix it up from the usual pickle. The jar says it is ‘great with anything’ which I can believe completely. Although I’d wean yourself into it if you’re thinking about having it for breakfast, it is rather warm!

At an insane £2.75 at you would be nuts to miss this very tasty hot chili jam. Nice job Mr Vikkis, this won’t last me all week!


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