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This year we have been using a Vitopod Propagator from Greenhouse Sensation, as many of you will know, I am not a natural gardener, I have grown 1000’s of chilli plants, written articles about growing chillies etc etc, but I find it hard work, I don’t find gardening a pleasure, I wish I did, we have a large garden.

Vitopod Controller

Vitopod Controller

BUT.. I am a techie, I love gadgets, I have worked all my life with high-tech gizmo’s, at the moment I have spend three years developing a fibre optic network that is safe to install in the home (, so getting a gadget propagator is ideal for me. It has buttons to press and a digital display,  I have taken great pleasure in telling people about it and how evenly the heat is distributed across the tray etc etc.

The Vitapod arrived in three sturdy cardboard boxes, first I unpacked the base tray, which includes the temperature controller (with the buttons and digital display!!) in the second box was the clear sides and lids, everything was bolted together with in a few minutes with the plastic nuts and bolts provided.

Each part has been carefully designed and the fit and finish is of a very high standard, this has been designed to last and will be with us for many years.

The Greenhouse Sensation Vitopod

The Greenhouse Sensation Vitopod

In the third box we have an “Add-on Layer” so we can extend the high of the Vitopod up and use it like a mini greenhouse, the Vitopod can also be used like this to overwinter some of our more delicate plants, and as we can control the heat between  5C  and 30C  we should beable to keep them warm without cooking them.

Once my chilli seedlings have moved on we are going to try using it to sprout some Mustard, Cress, Rocket for our salads, I know this started life as just a propagator, but I can see it being used all year around..

The unit we have cost £165.95, and while that may seem expensive, it is going to get a lot of use, and when I look at my old propagator, I do wonder why I struggled with it for so long, it burned out after the first year, so has been only any good on a window still.

For more information and to order your own Vitopod visit, and do make use of there help line (0845 602 3774), they could not be more enthusiastic to help both the novice and professional gardener alike.

Also forgot to mention.. Greenhouse Sensation is all built in the UK and backed by a real guarantee for 12 months, unlike my cheapo propagator who’s warranty lasted till I got it home!!


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