Hot-Headz – Thai Style Chilli Sauce

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Hot-Headz Thai Style Chilli Sauce

Hot-Headz Thai Style Chilli Sauce

Hot-Headz makes and sells a massive range of sauces, they import sauces from around the world as well as working on their own products, know for there extremely hot Who Dares Burns and Who Dares Burns Second Assault, but they also sell some highly flavoured sauces, I love there range of single variety sauces where you can taste the full flavour of the chilli, but I had not expect them to produce a product that seems to compete at the low end of the market..

The sauce looks thick and sticky with large pepper seeds floating in the dark red semi translucent sauce, on opening the bottle there is a great smell of red pepper. The sauce tastes like a very rich Thai style sauce, lots of depth of flavour from peppers , nice and sticky and sweet, but not as sweet as many I have tasted. The heat is not as it could be, and this may make this very popular with the rest of my family.

Ingredients: Fresh Sweet Red Peppers, Sugar, Water, Cane Vinegar, Hot Chilli Peppers (5%), Glucose, Garlic Pulp, Acetic Acid, Xathan Gum, Salt.

Bottle kindly provided by Hot-Headz

If you look at the ingredients list you will find the first ingredient is “Fresh Sweet Red Peppers”, which is a little unusual in this type of sauce most of the competitors cheaper sauces are just sugar and chillies with some red colouring added.

We get through a lot of sweet chilli sauces but this one feels a bit special, for me it could be a little hotter, but that is not a negative as the flavour makes up for it, and all sauces don’t have to be hot, I have just been a little hardend by working with chillies for so long.

What so do this this sauce…. well it is to good to use in cooking or pouring all over food, but as a sweet dipping sauce, this has got about everything you could want.


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