Are Hot Chilli Sauces the start of a new weight loss industry?

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Are we at the dawn of a new diet industry based on chemicals found in Chillies, research in Canada’s Laval University seems to point that way.

Capsaicin Molecule 3D Image

Capsaicin Molecule 3D Image

The process seems simple, capsaicin, the natural ingredient that makes chilli hot starts a process called diet-induced thermogenesis, this process means we burn up more calories rather than storing them as we get hotter after eating them – Simple stuff eat chillies you not only feel hot, you get hotter therefore using more calories instead of storing the excess energy as fat.

Another example of thermogenesis maybe found in celery and grapefruit which are often claimed to have a negative calorific effect as it takes more energy to digest them that they contain, but with chillies the effect maybe more marked due to the active ingredient capsaicin effect on our bodies.

Researchers have found that by adding chilli powder to fatty meals the thermogenesis effect was significantly increased, with more of the fat burned up in the process.

Other research has also shown that eating chilli spiced food can help suppress feeling hungry, and therefore reduce our eating later in the day.

Maybe we need to be adding hot sauces to a low fat diet to help us lose weight? Will we soon be seeing hot sauces sold as diet supplements?

NOTE: I must admit I am not convinced so far, I am a regular hot sauce user and so is my college Darth Naga and we unfortunately are both a little on the large size, may be a side effect the food tasting we do.

Sources: Wikipedia, The Daily Mail, The Hotzone and many other web searches over the past few months and years

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